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Hey! Hope everyone had a great day! I know it was Columbus Day, and I was lucky enough to have the day off. Then again, I'm always off on Mondays, so eh. I could definitely tell it was a holiday because when I went to Target it was abnormally busy for a Monday morning (I would know this since I'm there just about every Monday) and then when I went into Chipotle for lunch, the line went all the way to the door and about 90% of the crowd was teenagers.
So I stopping into TJ Maxx last Friday simply because I hadn't been in awhile and wanted to see if I could find some deals. I ended up finding a few things. OK, I've never had much luck at TJ Maxx when it comes to purses/shoes. Either they don't have anything cute in my shoe size and when I do find something it's usually still "expensive", same with the purses. When I do find one I like it's still like close to $100 or they have some brand that I've never heard of priced well over $100. WTF? Anyway, I did end up finding a cute sweater by Michael Kors. I found one and it was marked $19.99 but I noticed it had some dust bunnies or something on the tie that went around the sweater so I found another one but this one was marked $39.99. I was like, seriously?! Dust isn't that big of a deal and I'm sure it'll come out in the wash so I went with the cheaper one. I'm thinking maybe it was a return or something but I couldn't find anything else wrong with it besides the dust.

My new favorite sweater. What a deal!

I couldn't resist these adorable Betsey Johnson Halloween socks! They were only $5.99.

I've been wanting to try a new deep conditioner and this one smells so good. I've never tried anything from Rusk before so I figured at under $6 this couldn't hurt.

Finally I bought a pair of Tweezerman tweezers! I've been so out of the loop on these. I really wanted a pair but didn't want to shell out the $20 for one even though I know they're worth it ;)
This isn't necessarily a print I would've picked out but for $12.99 I'll take it. Plus it doesn't really matter what print is on them right?

I finally got my Outdoor Cafe Cardigan! It finally went on sale at Anthro. I was thisclose to paying full price when it unexpectedly went on sale last week. I still had to pay some ridiculous amount for shipping but it was still a sale to me. I'm thinking about getting the yellow color because it just screams fall to me! I would totally recommend this cardigan. It's pretty lightweight but very warm and cozy. I will be wearing this well into the winter and maybe even early spring!

This cute little sweater comes courtesy of LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. I bought the Oatmeal color which I am in love with and then went back and got the purple color. I love this color. It's a deep rich almost plum color. I like the lace back and shoulders. It's an unexpected take on your basic v-neck sweater. And at under $30 it's a total steal and right on trend for fall.

I was instantly in love with this sweater when I first saw it on aerie's website. I loved the style, the print, everything! The price was a little more than I was expecting, especially once shipping was added in but I think it's totally worth it. It is very warm and actually a little itchy but nothing that I can't deal with. I will definitely get a lot of use of this come winter, whether it's for hanging out or lounging around.

Lastly is these awesome boots by Madden Girl. They were only $79 and are the perfect fall boot that I've been looking for. I've already worn them once (and then it decided to go back in time to July again this weekend.) and I love them! If you're looking for great boots but are on a budget I would recommend these boots!

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