Good Game

I am sad to say that my beloved Cincinnati Redlegs are out of the playoffs. Sad. They came so far but just were no match for the Phillies and their pitching. Even our pitcher, Aroldis Chapman, with his 105mph fastball couldn't shake 'em. So baseball is over for me this year. Let's hope next year we can go farther. I know they have it in them. I still love you REDS!!!
Bengals were also a disappointment yesterday, but really that's nothing new. I just hope they can step it up. I work with a few Steelers fans and it's no fun going in to work the day after a game and hearing all the crap they have to say. Hey at least our quarterback didn't get accused of rape!

How did this:

Turn into this:

There's always next year reds! Love ya!

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