Spring picks from Target

It's been raining here since last night but at least it's not snow! And it's right around 65 degrees. I can live with that. I'm hoping I can catch a break in between rain to go for a run outside but it looks like I'll be heading to the gym instead. I am not working today so naturally I'm binge watching Law & Order: SVU and shopping online. Ooops.
I've been going crazy seeing all the spring items everywhere. I feel like we've all been waiting for this moment for so long. Target is usually my first go-to at the beginning of every season (duh). They always seem to have cutest stuff. But you already knew that. So here's just a few things I'm excited about and that I will probably be adding to my cart soon.

Spring picks from Target

Mossimo Sleeveless Scuba Peplum Top - I am in love with this blue color.
Threshold Lattice Toss Pillow - Target seriously has the best throw pillows and the prices are definitely awesome.
Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo - Wow that's a mouthful. But doesn't this look gorgeous? The colors look amazing and I'm in love with the pattern. Also comes in two other shades so it seems like it will work for everyone!
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss  - I've been using NYX products for awhile and I'm so glad that Target sells them now. The products are great and you can't beat the prices.
Essie Nail Polish - I believe this is a color from their resort collection from last year but something about it just screams Spring to me. I can just picture myself wearing this shade by the pool with a matching cocktail in hand.
Merona Women's Layering Jacket  - I've had my eye on this since last fall so I guess technically it's not "spring" but I think it would work for any season since it's meant for layering. I'm torn between the sand color and the green color, but this is on sale right now so that means I should get both right? Right?!
Merona Women's Denim Jacket - This one is a no brainer. Everyone needs a denim jacket in their closet and the price on this is perfect.
Women's Mossimo Supply Combat Boots - OMG. I don't think this shoe could be any more spring. I need these. Now.
Merona Sleeveless Maxi Dress - Once again, this is a staple that every woman should have. I like that it's basic but with some accessories you could definitely dress it up.
Mossimo V-Neck Tee - I love to stock up on these basic tees each season. Plus they are so comfy!
Merona Rain Skimmer - How cute are these? I love my Hunter boots, but these would be cute for days when it's not down pouring. I love the green color.
Merona Satchel Handbag with Crossbody Strap  - This color is beautiful plus I love that you can carry multiple ways.
Women's Double Wrap Watch - I'm still all aboard the mint train and I might have to add this watch to my mint collection. It's such a fun color that's surprisingly versatile. 

Well now that I've shared my find with you, I need to work on adding all of these to my collection (sorry bank account!).
What are you looking forward to adding to your wardrobe (or home) for spring? Let me know! I'm always looking for an excuse to shop ;)

Life Update

Hey! Long time, no blog. You guys should probably be used to this by now. I mean, assuming anyone is still reading. Just wanted to stop by and give a quick life update.

This first one technically happened December of last year but it became official in February. My husband and I became godparents to the cutest little girl I've ever seen.

Her name is Dane Marie and she is adorable. She even makes me want kids, which if you know me you know I'm kind undecided about the whole kids thing. 

In February I took my dad to see a Cyclones game. It was my first time going since last year and even though we ended up losing it was nice spending some time with my dad. 

I'm not usually a fan of the "crazy daises" but I saw these in Kroger one day when it was in the single degree temps outside and just had to get them. Anything to brighten things up!

I've been running more. My dad and I are signed up for a  Mother's Day 5k which benefits Hospice Care. You can run on behalf of someone you've lost to cancer so my dad is running for his mom and I'm running for my grandpa (my mom's dad). 
I am also running in Paige's Princess Run which benefits Children's Hospital. I ran in this last year and didn't realize until the day of the race that the girl who inspired the race & foundation was the grand daughter of someone who belongs to our golf club. The race is a lot of fun and you're encouraged to wear a tutu which is always fun.

I also bit the bullet and signed up for the Little Miami Half Marathon. Eeek! This will be my first. I've never ran more than 6 miles at one time. I originally wanted to do Flying Pig Half but I was a major slacker over the winter and there's no way I would have been ready to run 13.1 miles by May 4. Not a chance. I did the 10k last year and had a lot of fun so maybe next year I can the half. The half I signed up for isn't until August so I've got plenty of time to train. But, now that I'm thinking about it, running a half marathon. In the Ohio Valley. In August. If you live in or know anything about Ohio during that time of year you know what I'm talking about. But there's no turning back now. I don't expect to place first obviously. I just want to finish! Haha. 

Not a whole lot else has been going on lately. Except for hoping that his mild weather we've been having is here to stay! Saturday we will be celebrating my bff's 30th birthday so I will try to get some pics. And next weekend we're going to our first (but definitely not last) Reds game of the year! 
I'll leave you with a picture of Ben enjoying the sunny, 75 degree weather the other day.

Happy Spring! (finally)


New Year's Eve

So I've never been one to go out on New Year's Eve. At the most, we would go to an early dinner then make some light appetizers to enjoy while we wait for the ball to drop. And I'm fine with that. There's no need to worry about who's driving or if you'll need to call a cab and frankly people are so drunk by the time midnight rolls around that it can turn into a giant shitshow. Tonight also happens to be my husbands birthday. And he has to work a 24 hour shift. Sad face. So I'm sitting here alone watching Law & Order, eating pizza and drinking Miller Lite. But I'm not really hating it. Yeah it sucks I'll have no one to kiss at midnight - besides the dog. I thought about seeing what my friends were doing but we've already discussed what usually happens on NYE and I'm not down for dealing with all that. Since I've got the place to myself I've been able to think about my resolutions for the upcoming year. They're basically the same ones I made last year but I'm hoping I actually keep them this year....

Run more

...especially if I want to complete that half marathon in May!

Do more yoga & weight lifting

Because I want to be FIT not just skinny

Save money/Pay off credit card(s)
Yes. There are multiple credit cards. No I'm not proud of it.

Restore my faith. 
Not that I've ever lost it. I just want to work on becoming closer to God.

Get back into juicing.
I really felt great the last time I was doing it regularly but I've kind of falling off the wagon in the last few months.

Become a certified personal trainer/nutritionist
I've been wanting to do this for the last year or so. I just need to bite the bullet and do it! 

Become more organized & become a clean freak! 

Build my wardrobe. 
I have a few of the key pieces but I really want to work on adding more classic pieces, while saving money!

Cut back on internet and tv

It's gotten a bit out of hand....

Complete a Tough Mudder

Because. Duh.

Above all else I just want to be happy, healthy and spend every minute I can with the ones I love.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

Let's do this 2014.


Style Icon: Lauren Conrad

Or LC for short. I've actually been accumulating pictures for this post for awhile now. Some of these pictures might be from a couple years ago but Lauren's style is so classic that you can't even tell.

Red Carpet Style:
Always dressed for the occasion. She manages to balance feminine & flirty with classic & sophisticated perfectly.

Casual Style:
Even her street style looks classy but comfortable. Her airport style is perfection. Much better than my yoga pants, hoodie & flip flops...

And here are some random photos I had on hand that didn't really fit into any specific category. I would say that LC is my number one fashion inspiration right now. I'm so happy to see how far she's come from the days of Laguna Beach.

OK. Sorry (I'm not sorry) for all the pics. Lauren Conrad lovefest is over.