Summer Purchases: Clothes

Hey everyone! I was cleaning some things out of my room today and found alot of things that I never put up on here. So I thought it'd be fun to show you all the things I've purchased over the last few months. Keep that in mind too. It's not like I went on a spree one week - all of these things have been aquired over the last 4 or 5 months. And most of the things I got because I had a discount code, or it was on sale. And no, I'm not rationalizing....
Anyway, I figured I'd do the best installment first: the clothes!

Starting things off I have both colors of the Blooming Lattice Cardigan from Anthropologie. I score both of these on ebay for $59 each with free shipping! You should check it out, I just did a search and got two pages of results.

This cute little cardigan came from Kohl's and is from the Lauren Conrad line. I seriously am so grateful for this collaboration - I never really found anything at Kohl's before this line came out. And now with the Vera line along with Elle & Apt 9, I freakin' love Kohl's! You can still get this top (on sale!) in black and gray here
OK so I don't live anywhere near Washington, but this comfy sweatshirt was only $9 at Forever21 and I could not pass it up! I couldn't seem to find it online anymore (that's the thing about F21, it's there one day and the next *poof* it's gone! grrr) but this one will give a similar look but double the price, but I guess it's still not bad in the long run.

This fun sweater was picked up at JC Penny. I was shopping with my bf's mom and this was the only thing I found that I really wanted to buy (I was being good that week). It ended up costing me nothing - she paid for it because she had a 15% coupon. I think it ended up being about $15. Not bad for my new favorite fall sweater! Check out all the other pretty colors.

This was also a F21 find. It was only $11.50! It feels and looks much more expensive. I really wanted to go back and get the purple color here but once again I waited too long and now my size is sold out. But if you're a small or medium go for it!
This super soft sweater is from American Eagle. I was actually hoping it would be a little longer, because on the website it looked much longer for some reason but it's still a great basic to have. It's lightweight so I can wear it now (well once it stops being 80 degrees at 10pm!) and into fall. get it here in black or gray.
These two tops above came from JC Penny. I went a few weeks ago and they were having some sort of huge mega type sale. I got both of these shirts for $10 TOTAL. They're both kind of different for me, not something I'd usually go for, but at $4.50ish a pop I thought it'd be safe to try.
I got this open cardi from ebay. It was around $9 with shipping. It's a little tight in the arms so I'll have to wear tanks underneath which I can live with.
I love anything nautical inspired and one day when I stopped in TJ Maxx I saw this cute cardigan for $16.99, I knew I had to have it!
This sweater also feel very nautical to me - I can just picture myself wearing it on my yacht in the ocean, the wind whipping my hair around my face, bringing about a chill, so happy I brought along my sweater from Target! Ok back to reality, this will work with shorts and deck shoes now and jeans and sneakers come cooler weather. Even though I hate navigating Target's website, I managed to stumble upon this top here. You're welcome.

Another Anthro ebay score! Once again I found these both for under $60 each. Just do a search, there's still some available, although I think it's mostly the purple color which is really beautiful in person.
Another comfy sweatshirt. I realized looking through my closet just how many navy blue shirts I own. I just never realized how much I reach for this color! This one is from Aerie (American Eagle) and is now on sale. yay!
Ok another awesome target find! I got a black leather jacket from Victoria's Secret last year and since then have been on the hunt for the perfect brown one. All the ones I found never lived up to my expectations. They were either too dark, too expensive, too cheap looking or just plain werid looking. I was in Target one day and saw this beauty and knew it had to come home with me. And guess just how much this baby was?
I know right? And the "leather" is totally beautiful. It's soft and buttery and the color is amazing. It looks so much better in person - online it looks really shiny and cheap for some reason. check it out here
This is yet again another Anthro ebay score. Well at least the description said it was from Anthropologie. I did a little research but couldn't really find anything. I dont really care either way, I just know I got an awesome maxi dress for $75! I recently saw the same version in blue pop up for only $50 hmmmm
This is same as the orange JCP sweater. I got about the same deal on this one even though I got it a few weeks later. I love argyle!
I got this back in the spring from F21 for like $13. It's no longer online but I did see the exact same one on Modcloth's website for $55. If you're interested there's still a few left. I just can't believe they're trying to sell the same thing for more than double the price.
Another American Eagle buy. I love that store - can you tell? I purchased this spotting this on Chloe. It looks more olve in this pic but the color is listed as "park elm" and looks more brown in person. At $29.50 it's a sweet deal and I'm thinking of getting more colors. Go get it

2 more AE tops! I got these back in April or something like that. I haven't worn either of these yet. I bought them a size or two down from my normal because I've been working out and trying to lose weight and such. I'm not quite there yet, but mostly because I haven't been all that good about working out. Shame on me.
This is a Liberty of London from Target shirt. I also haven't worn this top yet but only because it's like polyester or something and is waaaay to hot to wear in this heat, maybe in a few weeks when it's more reasonable temperatures!
Lastly is my Bengals jersey! Sadly they disappointed big time in their first preseason game :( oh well it's nothing a Bengals fan isn't used to! I just hope they step it up in time for the real games! Who Dey!!!

Whew! I had no idea this would be such a long post. Or that I've actually bought so much stuff the last few months. ooops. Well like I said before mostly everything was bought on sale or super sale! Also I'm not doing any of this to brag or show off. I just thought you'd like to see what's out there to buy and hopefully it gives you more of an idea of my personal style :)


  1. Hi Abby!
    Aire here from ModCloth! Just wanted to clear up any confusion with the cardigan. We sometimes carry items that look very similar to items in other stores, but it is not necessarily the same exact item. :) That could be where the discrepancy comes from.

    Hope that helps clear some things up!

    Have a nice weekend,
    Aire @ModCloth

  2. Oh sorry! I didn't really mean to come off like I did. I do understand that different companies to sometimes come up with similar items. And I know Forever 21 is guilty of that a lot :)