Can Christmas come a few months early?

I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee, eating a bagel (my fave) and browsing (stalking) Anthropologie's website and I just can't help but fall in love with well, almost everything! I seriously have no interest in buying anything else from any other store right now - with the exception of this - all I want are a few little things at my new favorite store. So, I'm asking, is it possible to move Christmas up a few months so that I might aqquire some of these items like right now? 'Cause saving money doesn't really work out so well for me, I need a little help from the boyfriend, parents, friends, pretty much anyone willing to open up their heart (wallet). I'm kidding. But if anyone feels so inclined, here are a few things I'm dying over right now:

Sea Fan Sweater - $148
I love black and white together. I think it's such a classic look. $148 is a little much in my opinion, but I think it's something you could have in your closet forever. I might reconsider if it goes on sale.

OMGaaaaah! I am so in love with this jacket it's not even funny. Not. Even. Funny. The purple color just blows my mind. I would not mind paying full price for it because it's just that perfect for me.

I'm a sucker for a long cardigan. So cozy and they can be casual or dressy. I really like the yellow color, but I'm afraid it wont look as pretty in person as it does on the website. If I do get it, I might just play it safe and go with the neutral color above.

This skirt is very pretty but I'm afriad of how it would look on me. I've never had that much luck with pencil skirts. I have very wide hips & thighs and they just look awkward. Plus I don't have anywhere to wear this.

I'm kind of undecided on this skirt. I love horses but I'm not sure about them on my body. It's a really cute skirt though and I think I could make it work. But once again, it's a pencil skirt. And I'm not sure about the suede panels running down the side.

Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.

These are so freakin' adorable. I love these shoes. But I wish they had them in the pink & brown color that I saw on endless.com

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