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Hey everyone! Once again I can't seem to get to sleep before 2am so with nothing else to do here I am. Blogging. So I thought I'd share a few new things with you. There are more than this (unfortunately) but I was kind of in a hurry so I only picked out what was right in my line of vision. It happens.

I bought the larger version of this candle on ebay after smelling my mom's mini version. I love this scent! It's perfect for fall and winter. Smells exactly like apple cider.

I bought this from Kohl's a couple weeks ago. I love pine scented candles for Christmas. We don't have a real tree (I'm allergic) so this serves as a substitute :)

I'm not sure but I think I might have posted this candle before. If I have, sorry. I really love this scent and I'm thinking about ordering a bigger size. The scent it "crackling birch" and it's a very nice woodsy scent. Perfect for chilly evenings. 

I am so in love with these little pocket bacs from Bath & Body Works. They're usually on sale - $5 for 5 and they make those cute little holders. Oh and they smell great too.

I got this top after seeing it on Kim. I was originally going to get the white one to wear with my Precious Materials cardigan from Anthropologie. But when I saw Kim pair hers with this black top I had to have it. I'm glad I did because upon further inspection I realized the white actually had blue spots on it which doesn't mean it wouldn't go together but I just think the black goes better and I think I'll be wearing it that way Christmas.

I got this cute little top from Target last week. I don't see it on the website but here's some other cute options. Or you could check your local store. I love it. It's sparkly without being in your face. Perfect for everyday.

Close up of the snowflake :)

I got this lavender sleep spray from Christmas Tree Shops a few weeks ago. It was like $2 and it's a sheet spray that helps you get to sleep. Not sure if it really works but it smells good. 
The lotion I picked up Kohl's last week. It's also a "help you get to sleep" thing. Once again, I can't really say if it actually works but it smells good and makes my hands really soft. 

I ordered this online after getting a personalized consultation from Olay's website. It seems to work pretty well but I'm also still using my Proactiv along with it. It smells good and lathers pretty well. 

That's all for now but I'm sure I'll be back with some more

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