[Outfit of the Day]: So Close

Wow three days in a row of outfit posts? It must be a Christmas miracle! Today was my last day off till Sunday so I took advantage and did a little more Christmas shopping. I'm still not quite finished, but I'm getting there - just a few more things (cards, gift cards) and I will be finished! I think I've done quite well this year and can't wait for everyone to get their presents. I'm also happy to report that in the past 2 days I've gone to Target and have only bought a total of 6 things for myself which may seem like a lot but if you know me and my love affair with Target then this is a major accomplishment! And actually 2 of the things I bought were essentials (shampoo & conditioner, and a new top coat). Today I bought a couple of long sleeved t-shirts for the boyfriend (they were on sale for $6!) and I also got little gifts for the girls I work with. I bought them each a pair of those cute $1 socks and the $1.50 gloves (you get 2 pairs and there's so many colors). Today I was all about warmth + comfort. I bought this sweater a couple years ago and have never worn it. After wearing it today, I'm mad I haven't worn it sooner. It is a little on the itchy side, but once it's on it's really not that noticeable. I love the pattern especially for Christmas.

Sweater: Victoria's Secret (similar here) (and here) (and kind of here)
Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad (similar here) (and here) (and here
T-shirt: Hanes (here) (similar here) (and here)
Boots: UGGS (here) (alternative here) (and here) (and here
Or just check ebay. That's where I got mine!

After I came home from shopping I did some present wrapping while watching a marathon of 1,000 Ways to Die. I know it's morbid but I just love that show! Here's my lounging outfit:

Shirt(s): Hanes - same as above; Old Navy (here) (similar here)
Pants: Target (here) (similar here) (and here)

And here's Roxy stopping by to say "Hello"
As you can tell, she's super excited

Only 10 more days till Christmas! Are you ready?!

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