Christmas presents

The other day (Monday) when I went shopping with my mom, I picked up a few Christmas gifts at Target. Thank God for Target. Seriously. Or else everyone I know would be getting a pack of gum, a 6 pack and a hot dog from Speedway. Which may or may not be a bad thing depending on what you like. I wont judge. I got a couple things for the boyfriend, his mom and his brother & SIL. Here's what I got:

Boxers & undershirts for the BF. Always a necessity. 

Book for bf's mom (which was kind of stupid since she's getting a Kindle but whatever)
Also I got the straightening iron as a present to me from my mom. Well she bought it, I picked it out. Isn't it cute? 

I bought these glasses for bf's brother & SIL. 12 glasses (6 tall, 6 short) for $10. Awesome. Plus they look really nice too. I'd like some for myself actually.

These toys were bought by my mom for a needy child. It's something they're doing at her work. And I think it's just wonderful. I'd love to be there Christmas morning and see the look on the little boys face when he opens these. But that'd also be kind of creepy since I don't know the people....
Oh and don't mind Captain & Ketel in the background, just a little Christmas cheer!

We finished up our shopping day with a stop at Bob Evans. I love this place. It's mostly older people that go there, which is fine with me 'cause I'm not a fan of immature teenagers even though I used to be one. Everyone that works there is so nice and the food is amazing. They serve breakfast all day which is awesome and this time of year, the only thing I get is the Pot Roast Sandwich with fries, a side salad (Ranch dressing) and a Cherry Coke. Very predictable but there's nothing better on a cold day than this sandwich. Trust me. 

I still can't believe Christmas is a little over a week away. Crazy! 
So tell me: What's your "comfort" food this time of year?

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