[Outfit of the Day]: The White Death Is Upon Us

Every time there is even a slight chance of snow everyone always flips out. Why? I mean here where I live in Ohio we have NEVER been "snowed in" at least not for more than a day. If you don't have enough food in your house to last one day then what the hell do you buy every week at the store? I just don't understand it. I mean we're only talking 3-5 inches here people. Probably not even that much. Just take a tip from me - stay inside, put on a movie, have a glass of wine (or hot chocolate) and just enjoy the falling snow. Now I do realize that some people have no choice but to go out and battle the unfortunate weather conditions. In that case, please be careful! Remember it's better to be 5 minutes late than to not arrive at all!
Here's what I wore today to run to the store (just for the record, I went out before I knew anything about this "snowstorm")

I love these little mary janes I got a couple months ago from Kohl's. On sale for about $12. I love the nude color and the stitching. Plus it's a lower heel which is nice because you still get a little height but they're super comfortable to walk in. 

I have a love/hate relationship with these jeans. I really love how they fit - they are boyfriend type fit and while I like the way they fit in the waist and butt, I feel like the fit is awkward through the thigh sometimes. These are better when worn with heels. When I wear them with flats the legs just bunch up and it looks weird.
Kind of like this:


I love these shoes though. I bought them on ebay last year for something crazy like $10. I know right?

Sweater: Old Navy - last year (get this year's version here; I know I will!) (similar here) (and here
T-shirt: Target (here) (and here) (and here) (and here)
Jeans: American Eagle (here) (kind of here) (and here)
Mary Janes: Kohl's (similar-ish here) (and here) (and here)
Flats: Daisy Jane (here!) (similar here) (or check ebay)

Waiting for the snow to start! 

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