[Outfit of the Day]: Baby it's frigid outside

And no I'm not exaggerating. I think the high today was around 23 degrees. It actually wasn't that bad since the sun was out but later the clouds came it the wind picked up. Then it was bad. The thing I hate about this is the fact that you have to wear 6 layers to and from your car but as soon as you get into the store you have do a striptease after about 1/2 an hour because you're sweating so much! It started with just my scarf, then my coat and I swear I was thisclose to taking off my sweater and just walk around in my cami buuuuut there were small children present. I was trying really hard to channel my inner Kate Middleton today and I think I did pretty good. Still missing that gorgeous sapphire ring, but other than that I felt very English countryside, minus the horse :)

Sweater: Kohl's (they don't have this oatmeal shade available anymore but you can buy here) (similar style here) (and here
Tank: American Eagle (similar here) (and here) (and even here)
Jeans: Kohl's (similar here) (and here) (and here - what a steal!)
Boots: Madden Girl (buy here) (similar here)

Spending the rest of the night wrapping Christmas presents then maybe watching a movie? Either way, I hear my Snuggie calling!

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