Last minute gifts

Hello there! As I said in my last post I went shopping yesterday to pick up a few last minute Christmas gifts and a birthday present for my boyfriend (his b-day is Dec 31). So here's what I got:
*Ok, I wont lie, some of these "gifts" were for myself. But a few of them were things I needed.....
Like hair color. I tried this last month and I love it. It's a great price too. I can't remember exactly how much but it's usually under $10, if not under $8.

I bought this pair of tights to wear to church Christmas Eve. I thought these were really cute. I was just going to get a plain pair but I saw these and I liked the subtle chain link pattern. Yeah. I got home and tried them on to see how they looked with my outfit. Within like 2 minutes I had 2 runs near the thigh. Grrr. At least they didn't cost that much!

This little guy caught my eye in the checkout at Ulta. You know how they have that tower of little things like  mini perfume and lotions, etc. Well I almost got a little perfume until I saw that a small rollerball of Juicy Couture was like $20 or something. Then I saw this sample of Ulta brand body wash. I've heard great things, especially about this scent. And it was only $3. Sold. Smells amazing. I'll definitely go back and buy the full version. 

I love these little NYX eyeshadows. They're relatively inexpensive, the colors are great and they blend very well. The color I got was Iced Mocha. It's a really pretty medium brown with golden shimmer. I also bought a new thing of Dream Matte Mousse because the one I'm currently using is just a tad too dark for my pale winter skin.
While I was at Target buying my ill fated tights, one of the sales associates was unpacking some new socks. Yes the awesome $1 socks that I love! I seriously have almost every pair I've ever seen there. I mean they're super cute and you can't beat the price. I love the colors of the ones above. They have me longing for spring!

Oh and to go with my $1 socks, some $2 knee socks! These are great with boots or just to add an extra layer so your legs don't get cold.

I got these candle holders at Ulta. They were a free gift with purchase. I think it was because I bought some cologne; that's usually how it works there. I could either get a robe or these. I have like 3 robes (one is from a similar promotion from the spring) so I decided on the candle holders. They're actually really nice. I can't wait to use them!

I bought these for my boyfriend who was complaining about dry itchy skin. I told him to try this. I knew he wouldn't go out and get it so I took it upon myself to help a brother out.

This is the cologne that got me my candle holders. I got this for the bf for his birthday. It smells really good. It's part of their new Big Pony collection. I didn't smell all of them, just this one and either the orange or green one. But I liked this one the best. It smells similar to the original one. 

Here are some more $1 socks. I got these for my bf's mom and his SIL as little stocking stuffers. I tried to sort of match colors. I think I did well.

Wendy's gift card for bf's dad. Amazon gift card for his grandmother.

Oreos & pistachios for bf's dad. He's a bit difficult to shop for. But I know he loves snacks (and Starbuck's). I'm also going to bake him some cookies.

And here's something I bought off of ebay. I wanted a little wallet/clutch that I could just grab and go if I was just running a quick errand or something and didn't want to lug around my purse. This thing fits my money, cards, phone and chapstick. Awesome. The only complaint is that it doesn't have a zippered pocket for your change so mine's just hangin' out in there. 

I'm happy to say that all of my shopping is finished and I'm just waiting for Christmas Eve/morning to get here. I can't wait till everyone sees what I got them this year. I think I did pretty good (not to toot my own horn or anything.....)
How about you guys? Do you have all your shopping finished?
Only 4 more days!!!!!!!

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  1. I got those same Target tights but haven't worn them yet - ack, sounds like I'll need to be careful with them!

    Happy holidays!