[Outfit of the Day]: Still trying to figure this thing out....

Hey guys!!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I for one, think it went by way too fast. It's like there's all this build up and it feels like it goes by in half a nano second. Oh well. Till next year.....I'm back and guess what? I got myself a brand new camera for Christmas. *Thanks mom & dad!!!* It's nothing too high tech or fancy but I think it will do just fine. Besides I wasn't about to make my parents buy me a super high priced fancy schmancy camera. I can do that myself. Someday. Hopefully. Anywhoo....it's a Nikon Coolpix. And I love it. I'm still figuring it out as you can tell from the photos below. Having the self timer is nice so now I can actually take full length outfit photos without standing in front of the mirror. Oh and they wont be taken with my cell phone camera. Yay!

I like this pic I just wish it wasn't a tad blurry.

This was a mistake shot (I thought I had set the timer but turns out I totally didn't. Ooopsies.) But I kind of liked how it turned out (even though my leg is lookin' a little funky and I didn't have time to suck in my post Christmas feast gut.....)

Boo-tay shot!

Sweater: Forever21 (similar here
Shirt: Target (here) (similar here) (and here)
Jeans: American Eagle (similar here) (and here)
Shoes: too be honest I was barefoot when I took this. *gasp!* I know right? Well I did manage to put shoes on before I left the house. BTW: Please ignore that huge pile of shoes behind me. So embarrassing.
The shoes I put on were my faithful pair of Chucks. Get your own pair here

All right everyone. It's New Year's Eve! It's also my boyfriend's birthday (Happy Birthday babe!). We'll be spending a quiet evening at home. I'm making some appetizers and an awesome build-your-own taco station. We're not that big on watching all of the pre-ball drop action. Plus I really don't like Ryan Seacrest. I do heart Dick Clark though and I love that he still does the Rockin' New Year's Eve after all these years. So we'll probably watch a movie or something and then turn in for the ball drop and a NYE kiss. Awwww. I'm really excited to see Snooki drop in the ball. How the heck are they going to do that anyway?
What are your plans for NYE???

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