[Outfit of the Day] - Warm & Cozy

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had a great weekend. We had beautiful weather here - mid 70s Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning I participated in a walk for Cincinnati Children's Hospital. All proceeds from the walk went to the hospital. It was a great turn out - around 8,000 people! It was amazing. To walk you had to get someone to sponsor you for at least $25. I kind of signed up at the last minute so that was all that I donated but one group managed to raise over $28,000! Even though I had to get up at 6am and walk 3 miles, I didn't mind because I was doing it for the kids - it was a great feeling.
After the walk I had to rush back home and get ready to go into work. We had a comedy night on Saturday and had a great turn out for that - about 125 people. It was a little hectic in the beginning, getting everyone seated and fed before the show but as always we pulled it off with hardly any problems. Sunday I woke up not feeling too well - my throat was hurting and I just felt drained so I called off work to just have a day to relax. Turns out it really helped! Today I woke up feeling refreshed and like a new person really. I'm even going to work out today - yay! This morning I ran over to Target to get a Halloween costume. I needed one I could wear to work as well as to a party we're going to. So I didn't want anything "slutty" or too short/too low cut. I ended up finding a sailor girl costume that's perfect. It's a scoop neck but not too low and the skirt comes down to just above my knees. I bought a large but it's still kind of tight! I hate how Halloween costumes run so small. I'm going to keep it and just deal with it even though I feel like it shows every little bump and lump. I'll only have it on for a few hours anyway so whatever. Maybe I'll just wear some Spanx under it :)
Anyway, onto my outfit for today. It started off pretty chilly this morning, I believe it was hovering around 48 degrees when I left the house. Perfect time to break out my latest Anthro purchase.

Sweater: Anthropologie; kind of similar (here)
T-shirt: Target; similar (here)
Jeans: Kohl's; similar (here) and (here)
Boots: Kohl's; similar (here)
Purse: DeGroot

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