I heart ebay

I have been an avid ebay shopper for years. Many people know this. Anytime I show up to work with a new purse - ebay! If I go out with friends and have on a new pair of shoes - ebay! Cute new sweater - ebay!!! Recently though I've been an avid Anthro ebay shopper. Meaning that most of my recent ebay purchases have been strictly Anthropologie items. I can't help it. The deals are just amazing (most of the time). You really have to be patient and look though. I always make sure the seller has 99-100% positive feedback, and lots of it! Knock on wood, I've never run across any real problems when shopping on ebay. Another thing I've found with shopping on ebay is that when it comes to Anthro items, they usually always have plenty of the more popular items such as the Blooming Lattice cardi, Tiny Windows dress, the Whirl and Wind cardigan. And usually they are pretty cheap. I saw the Whirl & Wind on ebay shortly after it came out for only $50 plus shipping. So if you're a budget buyer like me, I would definitely check out ebay for all your Anthro needs. I mean why pay full price when you can pay a fraction of the price for the same great item?
My most recent Anthro ebay find was this:

I got mine on ebay for $55 with free shipping. The one on Anthro's website has since been marked down to $59.95 (originally $118) but you still have to pay for shipping which is close to $10. In the end I definitely saved by finding mine on ebay. 

Another recent Anthro ebay purchase (made just short of an hour ago) was this:

Bougainvillea Cardigan
This has been something I've lusted quietly after for quite some time. The colors are beautiful and it just looks so fun to wear. For the longest time, the only ones I could find on ebay were still around $100-120. But today as I was browsing I found one (a new one at that!) for $65 plus $5 shipping. SOLD! It seriously took me less than 3 minutes to pull the trigger on this one. I just had to make sure I had room in my budget. I'm glad this came along now. I was thisclose to buying this:

Mallard Bay Cardigan
I really liked this sweater and I might still get it. I've read a few reviews and a lot of them said it was itchy (it is wool) and that it ran small. But I've been seeing quite a few of these popping up on ebay the last week or so and for some reason I'm just really attracted to this "ugly grandpa" sweater. It just looks very cozy and it makes me want to go out to a lake in the early morning with coffee in hand and watch the ducks :)

Another recent non-Anthro ebay find were these pretties:

These pretty gold Jessica Simpson mary janes were only $12 plus shipping. They had only been worn once to a prom and are in fantastic condition. I think these will be great for the holidays and I plan on wearing them with this next weekend. 
Plus I really wanted these because they reminded me of these:

J. Crew Spencer Mary Janes as seen on Emma Pillsbury

Another thing I got (not from ebay, but online) is this:

What is this exactly, you ask? Why it's a bracelet showing my support for breast cancer awareness. It says "I love boobies" on it. They are pretty cheap, plus they go for a good cause and there's plenty of different styles and colors. Go get yours here.

And lastly I got a new purse. Like I needed one. But oddly enough I don't really have a basic black purse. Weird right? I have a black shiny alligator print one, a patent leather black one and a black one with ruffles but not just a plain black goes-with-everything purse. Well to remedy this scary situation I purchased this:

Even better, it was under $100!
Thank you Vera Wang!

Whew! That was a lot. I hope my little ebay ramble was informative and I hope everyone will think to check there for future purchases. I am in no way trying to take business away from Anthro but I'm just saying, not everyone can afford to spend $100 on a sweater and thanks to ebay, you don't have to. Another great thing is finding something on there that maybe you missed out on while it was in stores. 
Have a great night :)

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