Eyes of the Day, Outfit from last weekend & a Review!

Brrrrrr it's cold outside! I actually broke out my Snuggie today. Yes I do own a Snuggie and No I'm not ashamed of it. Well only about 40%. The one I got was velour so it's super soft and it does really keep me warm. Mine was only $14.99 from Kohl's and you can get yours here and of course you can't  forget about the man in your life!
First up I'm going to show you the outfit I wore to work last Saturday. It was "Elvis Night" - an Elvis impersonator came and he's actually really really good. He puts on a good show and it sells out every year. The crowd gets really into it too which is awesome. We had to wear black and white but since Elvis was going to be there, I decided I needed to show up with a little "bling" so I wore this shirt I bought from Forever21 last year. It's got a bow on the front with a bunch of sparkles on it.
Cardigan: American Eagle (here's the striped version, only available in xxs here) (similar here) (not similar at all but really really cute -and cheap! here)
Shirt: Forever21; I couldn't find anything exactly the same but here's similar (here) (here)
Pants: American Ealge (here)
Shoes: Adidas (similar here)
I thought the outfit turned out well. It was dressy enough but still comfy and easy to move it. And I curled my hair for the first time in forever and it looked really really good! I got a lot of compliments. I might start doing it more often because it takes about the same amount of time as straightening it.

Now onto my eyes of the day. I've been wearing this look a lot lately. I've been a little lazy with my make-up, just going for something quick and simple. 

All items used in this look:
Left to right:
Covergirl trublend Mineral powder; Powder brush; Almay intense i-color eyeshadow trio for brown eyes; Covergirl Eyelights mascara for brown eyes; L'Oreal carbon black eyeliner; Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse concealer; Victoria's Secret PRO Lasting FX eyeshadow primer; Revlon Colorstay foundation; Covergirl blush; Maybelline Mousse bronzer

This brings me to my review. I recently purchased the Victoria's Secret eye shadow primer. I've been using the NYX brand for awhile but it really didn't do that well on my lids. The only thing that's really ever worked for me has been the Urban Decay  but I really hate paying almost $20 for it. So I figured I'd try VS's version since it was only $8. Wow. I've been using it for about a week and it's great. It kind of has the same consistency as the UD  and it goes on so smooth and silky. My shadow stay put all day/night with no creasing. There's nothing worse than finding that dark smear across your eyelid when you look into a mirror just wondering how many people noticed this. But this stuff works great. I'm thinking about stocking up, I mean for $8 this is such a steal! Run, don't walk to your nearest Victoria's Secret (or website) and get yours now, but leave some for me, k?
Oh and here's the proof of this awesomeness:
This is after working for 9 hours. No creasing, no smearing. And my shadow is just as sparkly as when I first put it on :)

It seriously took me forever to write this post because I was writing during Jersey Shore (my guiltiest pleasure) commercial breaks.
Now I must be off to eat some leftover pizza and maybe watch a movie before bed. I have 2 Netflix movies waiting for me that I haven't watched yet - Green Zone and The Blind Side (I know, I'm soooo behind with this movie. I'm awful.)

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