Oh Target....Ya got me again

If Target were to suddenly go out of business I would seriously flip the fuck out. Then again, I'd probably be a billionaire because I wouldn't have anywhere to shop therefore I'd be saving all my money. But let's hope that never happens. It's tough for me to get out of that place for under $50. Sure it's happened once or twice. But that's about it. Seriously. I don't usually find so much in the way of clothing there as I do home related items. Or beauty items. Shoes are usually a given too. Oh heck. I love everything in that store :)

I wasn't too sure about this shirt when I saw it on the rack. First I thought, oh this is cute. Nice color. Cute pattern. Looks semi- J Crew-ish. Then I saw....glitter. On the flowers. I don't have anything against glitter I'm just not a huge fan of it being on me clothes. It can look tacky if not done right. It usually rubs off on anything else I'm wearing and my hands or other people if I stiff breeze comes along. But this was very flattering on and the glitter isn't that noticeable. Plus it was only $14.99. Much less than a J Crew shirt. Get yours here

I just realized in searching for this online it's actually listed as a "yoga" top but whatever. I like basic v-neck tops to wear especially in the fall when it can be cool and warm at the same time (make sense?). I do wish the V was a little higher because I am going to have to wear a cami underneath to avoid feeling overexposed.
Buy it here

I actually bought the pink (more like salmon) color of this sweater last week. They're on sale for $9.98. I was looking for a red cardigan to wear to a Cincinnati Reds game that night. I ended up not wearing this because of how hot it was but I really like it for future wear. It's 3/4 sleeve length. And it's so very soft. I highly recommend this one. I couldn't find it on their website but this one is very similar. I actually think it's the same sweater but not on sale?

I bought a set of "diamond" stud earrings. Again. I swear I go through these like a crack head. I always lose the backs or I take them out to clean them and somehow lose one of the pairs. It's a good thing these are cheap. THAT is exactly why I can never wear real diamonds.

Lately I've been kind of obsessed with candles, air freshener and things of that nature. Last week I finally bought one of those Febreeze things you plug into the wall and it smells amazing! The scent I bought is something like apples and leaves or some fall junk like that. I scents are noticeable but not overwhelming. So I bought a refill in a different scent, just to mix things up. I bought "meadows & rain" hopefully it smells wonderful. I also got an Air Wick candle in Vanilla & Soft Velvet. I haven't burned it yet, I'm waiting to burn a few of my other candles to start this one but it does smell good. 


Some refill packs for my Neutrogena Wave. I've been using the wave for about a week and half now and I love it. My skin feels so much more smooth and I love how deeply it cleanses. Definitely recommend this.

I was trying to avoid going to Ulta because of how much I spent at Target but honestly, I couldn't avoid it. They didn't have either of the make-up colors I needed at Target so to Ulta I went. I found this L'oreal mascara that I've been wanting to try. I also picked up another NYX eyeliner in "milk" since my last one broke. I also got Cover Girl mineral powder in "light" and Revlon Colorstay in "medium beige" which is actually not the color I've been wearing and I think it might be too light but we'll see what I can do with it.  


One thing from Target I forgot to mention. Apparently Sonia Kashuk makes nail polish. I was unaware of this until yesterday. The price isn't bad - $4.99. I have yet to try it out, I'll do a review on it once I try it. There were only a few colors and while I wanted to get them all I ended up getting this silvery shade. I have one from Sally Hansen already but it's kinda old. The color is called "smoke & mirrors" 

I couldn't really capture these polishes that well with my phone. I was acting stupid but anyway. These are from the OPI swiss collection. On the left is "glitzerland" and on the right is "cuckoo for this color". 
Both of these are sparkly and shimmery which I love and will be nice for fall. Can't wait to try!

Lastly is another ebay find. The seller stated that this necklace was from Anthropologie but I'm not too sure about that. It looks more Loft to me but what do I know. It looks pretty on and can't wait to wear it for Christmas. Yes I said Christmas.


  1. Abby! I'm confused. Why so many posts and no Followers?

    I love, love, love Target! I have one right next to my work. Which is good and bad if you know what I mean.

    I do not recognize the necklace as Anthro. And I am one to know Anthro jewelry. But I could have missed it. It's very cute and who's to know.

    There have been a few times I have wanted to call some eBay sellers on certain things. Especially obvious Orla Kiely and Leifsdottir fake's, but I hold my tougue. Or I should say I have to bite it. I figure, if you are going to buy from eBay, it's better you know the item that you buy. But if you like it enough and it's not expensive than it doesn't matter. Hence you have a cute necklace, I hope you didn't pay too much for. And you have to watch for the inserted "Anthro like" statements. When I sell I always include a style number, Anthro name, and Anthro Product image. That way everyone knows it's for real.

    Sorry, I talk too much when I get on my soap box. Hehe!

  2. I know - where are all my followers?! haha maybe they're just shy? Anyway, I really do this blog as an outlet and if I have 100 followers yay! If not, that's ok too. I'm glad I at least have one though :) To answer your question - I didn't pay much for the necklace. It was around, if not less than $20. Which isn't that bad. Normally I get my jewelry from Forever21 since it's so cheap but every now and then I "splurge" and buy something more than $5. As much as I love finding deals on ebay, I always do question the authenticity of the item, especially when it's Anthro and when it's a too-good-to-true price. It's sad you can't trust people with stuff like that.
    Thanks for checking out my blog!