I've been shopping. Alot. Like alot. It's really not that bad though. Ok. Maybe I'm rationalizing a tad bit. Anyway, I have gotten some new things the past couple weeks. Mostly from Target & ebay. The usual. With a few random places here and there. I'm so ready for fall! I can't stand it. I think that's why I've been shopping more. I like to actually shop in stores in the fall more than in the summer. Weird I know. I just like the all of the new arrivals coming in and I love love Halloween! But I haven't noticed any Halloween stuff in my Target yet. I figured there would be something. Maybe I overlooked? Or maybe I'm just rushing things. Patience is not my strong suit. Alright enough about weird obsessions.

First is this crazy comfy cardigan from American Eagle (aerie to be exact). The sleeves are a bit tight (I got a Large) but I do have bigger upper arms - mostly fat, mostly from swimming :)
It's sooooo soft and cozy but it's pretty lightweight which means I'll be able to start wearing it sooner than later. You can buy it here. btw mine is in "dark taupe"

This cute little top is actually from Forever21 but it looks like something else hmm?
I had missed out on the Anthro version but this one popped up on F21's site a couple weeks ago. It's no longer available (at least not that I can tell). But Anthro's version is still available -on sale!- in orange or navy but they are in limited supply so run don't walk!

Close up of the "wave". I go a large per usual for F21 since I'm no longer a teenager *sigh* but it's huge on me! Well not huge. It's loose fitting, especially in the shoulders but I plan on wearing cardi's over it so it's no biggie for me.

I got this cute little hoodie thanks to the lovely Kim and one of her blog sales. This is the "Lazy Daisy" hoodie from Moth. It's a large and I was worried it might not fit but it fits wonderfully! Not too tight but just enough room to move. And I just love the color!

I finally caved and bought the Alena skirt via ebay. It was a steal at $32.99 plus FREE shipping! I got an 8 which it still a bit to small for me but I'm slowly losing weight (yay) so I'm hoping I'll still be able to wear this later into fall. I think with some tight and boots it's going to look great.

I was seriously on the manhunt for this purse after I saw Blair carrying it in one of her videos. It's from The Sak. It was totally sold out on their website but I managed to find one on ebay for $59 with free shipping. It's such a cool and unique bag especially for fall. I do like the fact that it's nylon because it'll be easy to clean and I can carry it when it's raining and it wont get damaged. 


Ok that's all I'm doing for right now. I need to step away from the laptop for a bit before my eyes explode. I'll be back with my Target & Ulta purchases later.

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