Free Fallin'

This past weekend I got out of work a little early. Well if you consider leaving at 7 after I'd been there since 10 early.....but anyway. It was such a nice night we went to a park near our house to watch some skydivers. They practice there - the park is also an airport mostly used for flight lessons and people who have their own planes. It was so cool to see the divers. It takes about 15-20 from when the plane takes off for them to dive. All of the sudden you see a body free falling towards the ground and it's kind of scary! Then they open the parachute and just glide safely to earth. I still would never do something like that, I would flip out! But these guys make it look so effortless and fun.

Beautiful sunset out the car window.

Part of the runway/hanger area

Here they come!!


This was so cool to see. If you ever get the chance to see a group of divers you definitely should. 
Have you or anyone you know gone skydiving?
If you haven't, would you ever?

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