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Hey guys! So I would've posted this last night but we had some bad storms - pouring rain, super bright lightning, hail and winds up to 60 mph! It got pretty crazy there for awhile. But anyway, here are a few things I'm lusting after from Delia's. You can tell that cooler weather is on my mind with all the sweaters & coats I've been posting. I'm definitely sick of this hot humid weather we've been suffering through for the last few weeks. I'm looking forward to wearing jeans again. I have about 25 pairs of jeans compared to only like 5 pairs of shorts that I've been cycling through the last few months. Plus I just got a new pair of boots today (which I'll post later) and I can't wait to break those puppies out!

This would be a fun party dress - not like I have any planned but hey, you never know.

OK, honestly, the only reason I want this is because it's named after me. Does anyone else automatically want anything associated with thier name? Maybe it's just me, but I get really excited when I see a shirt, shoe, bag named "Abby" something.

I love this color of green. It'd be cute with some dark wash jeans and my new boots.

This just looks all sorts of cozy and warm. I already have a white sweater simliar to this, but it's not long sleeved, only 3/4 length.

I love anything military inspired and isn't this color just beautiful??

AHHH! Purple AND ruffles?!?! I think I've just died. I'm kind of scared it would fit me weird, like the ruffles wouldn't lie right. I would definitely need to try this on first.

I'm watching a pair of these on ebay.  I really like these but I did just buy a new pair of boots, but I don't have flat brown boots and I feel maybe I'd get alot of wear out of these. Only thing is, I have really big calves and I always have an issue with getting boots to fit over them and then of course I'd want to tuck these into jeans and how would that work? Would it even work? One reviewer on Zappos said she had bigger calves and they fit her. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Once again with the ruffles. *sigh* These would be soo cute with a skirt and some tights.

Well clearly, I have some shopping to do.  It really would be nice if money actually grew on trees. Or I'd just settle for winning the lottery or something :)

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