She work hard for the money....

So I had a pretty long night at work. 3pm-1am. Yup that's right. I'm super tired right now and I can't fall asleep. I have to be back at work at 10am. That's just shy of 8 hours away :( 
Anyway tips tonight were awesome so I can't complain about the hours. I'm already planning on how to spend my hard earned cash. I will be shopping Monday and maybe Tuesday. Who knows. I don't even know. I'm not even sure if I'm actually typing this right now. I knew I shouldn't have had a Monster & 2 cups of coffee at work.....


(available in petite & tall!)

(yes I still buy these every year......)


I'm almost out of mine. I kind of want to try the Eden one. Has anyone tried it?

Little pricey but totally worth it. Trust. Me.

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