New Year's Eve

So I've never been one to go out on New Year's Eve. At the most, we would go to an early dinner then make some light appetizers to enjoy while we wait for the ball to drop. And I'm fine with that. There's no need to worry about who's driving or if you'll need to call a cab and frankly people are so drunk by the time midnight rolls around that it can turn into a giant shitshow. Tonight also happens to be my husbands birthday. And he has to work a 24 hour shift. Sad face. So I'm sitting here alone watching Law & Order, eating pizza and drinking Miller Lite. But I'm not really hating it. Yeah it sucks I'll have no one to kiss at midnight - besides the dog. I thought about seeing what my friends were doing but we've already discussed what usually happens on NYE and I'm not down for dealing with all that. Since I've got the place to myself I've been able to think about my resolutions for the upcoming year. They're basically the same ones I made last year but I'm hoping I actually keep them this year....

Run more

...especially if I want to complete that half marathon in May!

Do more yoga & weight lifting

Because I want to be FIT not just skinny

Save money/Pay off credit card(s)
Yes. There are multiple credit cards. No I'm not proud of it.

Restore my faith. 
Not that I've ever lost it. I just want to work on becoming closer to God.

Get back into juicing.
I really felt great the last time I was doing it regularly but I've kind of falling off the wagon in the last few months.

Become a certified personal trainer/nutritionist
I've been wanting to do this for the last year or so. I just need to bite the bullet and do it! 

Become more organized & become a clean freak! 

Build my wardrobe. 
I have a few of the key pieces but I really want to work on adding more classic pieces, while saving money!

Cut back on internet and tv

It's gotten a bit out of hand....

Complete a Tough Mudder

Because. Duh.

Above all else I just want to be happy, healthy and spend every minute I can with the ones I love.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

Let's do this 2014.

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