Hey everyone! First off, I know it's been for-ever since I've posted. More on that later. I'm here right now because the beautiful (and hilarious) Raven is doing this blog link-up where everyone shows off their tattoos. I personally loved the idea. I love tattoos and even though I only have one now, I plan on getting more. I've seen some great tattoos in the link-up so far so be sure to check it out

My tattoo was done about 6 years ago (I was 21). I had always said that the first thing I was going to do when I turned 18 was a get a tattoo. Clearly that didn't happen. I got my tongue pierced instead. Anyway....My boyfriend worked with a guy who knew the owner of a tattoo place and we decided to go together. The place we went to is called Doll Star Tattoo and it's in Kentucky. They did a wonderful job.

It's really nothing special. There's no significant meaning to it or anything like that. I just knew I wanted a star with swirls. I actually got this design off of another tattoo I found online but modified it a bit. It's on the inside of my right wrist. Everyone had told me that it was going to hurt like a bitch. But honestly it didn't hurt that bad. But I do have a fairly high tolerance for pain. 

Now. I am itching to get another tattoo done. I just don't know what to get exactly or where I want to get it. Here's a few designs that I like:

Phoenix. I've always wanted a tattoo of one. I really like this design - it's simple but beautiful.

I am so in love with this one. I need to find a way to change it so I'm not completely taking someone else's design. Maybe take away the vines and do the rosary differently?

This is a symbol for Taurus which is my sign. I'm not sure if this looks cool or looks like a Rorschach test

I love music and would love to get either the treble clef or some notes.

Well that was fun wasn't it? Now, head over to Raven't blog to see everyone else's tats and participate (you don't have to have a tattoo to link-up. Just post on what you would get if you did).

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