Fall Wishlist: Anthropologie

So I've been seeing a few people share their fall faves from Anthro (SaraMaria & Liz) and after seeing all of the gorgeous clothes and shoes they've posted I just had to check out Anthro's website and put together my own list. Check it out:

Glinting Persica Sweater Dress $188
First of all, I love the shape of this dress. The colors are perfect; I can just imagine this with some tights and cute heels. Then of course there's the gold shimmer throughout...I mean who doesn't love that?!

I am loving this orange color. Perfect for fall and Halloween (and Bengals season!). This also comes in Gold and White. Actually I want this in every color....

Basically I'm a sucker for anything with blue & white stripes. Well just stripes in general really.

I was instantly drawn to this shirt when I first saw it. I love the pattern and the complimentary colors.

I love this tee because it seems like it would be very flattering and I think you could dress it up or make it casual. I like the stitching across the middle. It comes in a few different colors, as well as striped colors, but I really like this purple color which comes across as more burgundy online.

Wow. I love this! I would expect it to be much more but I don't think the price is bad at all. It looks so cozy. I can just imagine wrapping myself self up in this and reading a good book while drinking hot apple cider.

O.M.G. this is amazing! I don't think it would work on me since it appears to be more of a swing style coat. Also, the sleeves are 3/4 length which wouldn't really get me through an Ohio winter. But I just want to stare at it all day.

I already have a pair of red skinnies from American Eagle (I really want the blue too!) but I've also been on the hunt for a pair of green (or mint) jeans. I saw that JC Penny had some a while back but I never checked them out and fear I might have missed out on them. Even though these are a bit pricey for me, if they went on sale I'd definitely consider them.

Can we talk about just how cute this skirt is? Totally impractical but at the same time, I feel as if I need this in my life :)

These shoes look so classic that I wouldn't mind paying full price for them! I love the loafer style and can just picture rocking these with some cranberry tights and tweed blazer.

What are you guys lusting for from Anthro?

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