Style Icon: Taylor Swift

I've loved watching miss Swift's style mature over the years. She's come a long way from cutesy dresses and cowboy boots. She dresses more adult, but still age appropriate, which is nice to see from someone her age.

Casual Style:
Taylor does a great job of mixing things up between jeans & dresses/skirts. I'm not one to wear a dress "casually" but she sure makes me want to!

Dressed Up Style:
T.S. kicks things up a bit for a night out. A little bit more sexy but never slutty.

Red Carpet Style:
I've always loved Swifty's red carpet choices. She never really deviates from something sparkly but she does take chances every now and then. And who doesn't love to sparkle?

Oh and I totally want her guitar!

What do you think of Taylor's style?

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