Easy breakfast idea

If you're anything like me in the morning, you're basically feeling your way, trying to get ready with eyes half open. Let's just say, I'm not really a morning person. That being said, I'm not always clear headed in the morning so it's probably not a good idea for me to try and operate a stove, or toaster oven. So here's a super simple (and filling!) (and healthy!) breakfast recipe that could make with your eyes closed. Because I might have....

Granola (any kind will do, but this is my favorite)
Greek yogurt (I used plain because that's all I had but I prefer the vanilla)
Any kind of berries (I usually use blueberries but I tried raspberries this time)
You could also use a banana or apples. Whatever floats your boat.

Add preferred fruit to yogurt 

Then add granola and you're done! Easy, peasy.

Really I don't even know why I added step by step instructions. You're smart, you could have figured it out. It's not like if you add the granola before the berries your kitchen will explode or anything. Maybe.

Let me know if you guys try this with any other kind of fruit and what you think about it!

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