Outfit of the Night + Nails of the Night

Whew! What a weekend! Saturday night I watched one of my best and oldest friends get married. She looked GORGEOUS! I so wished I would have gotten a picture of her dress. In fact, I didn't get any pictures at all. I was too busy havin' fun y'all. Open bar at the reception + friends I haven't seen in forever + the DJ playing all of our favorites, new & old ("Bye, Bye, Bye" might have been played) = best night in a long time! The weather was perfect too - sunny with a slight breeze and a crisp cool evening to top it off. The reception was at the Marriott and it was beautifully decorated and the food was delicious. I definitely got some ideas for my own wedding. For one, the bridal party had the best entrances I've ever seen! They were having a contest to see who could have the best entrance; just to name a few: the girl walks in with the guys jacket and proceeds to the dance floor where she waves it like bull fighter and the guy comes running out at it. Another funny one was the girl walking out to the dance floor and pretending to fish and the guy jumping like he's been caught. The others were little dance routines and when the bride and groom came out the bridal party lined up and made a tunnel with their arms which the new Mr. & Mrs. (Doctor!) ran through. It was a super fun night and it reminded me that I really need to see my friends more often.
Then on Sunday, we went to Olive Garden with the family to celebrate my great uncle's 93rd birthday! It was great to see everyone and had me hoping that I make it to that age someday and that I'm still in good health to enjoy it all!
OK, if you're still with me after all that then good for you! Here's what I wore to the wedding and on my nails.

Dress: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Cardigan: Old Navy
Bracelets: Harrod's & Macy's 
OK so the shoes pictured here aren't actually the ones I wore. For reference though, they are by Guess and I bought them at TJ Maxx.

I wore these shoes to the wedding but actually changed into ANOTHER pair for the reception because these are 1/2 a size too big and kept slipping of my feet. 

I do love these though. These are by Candie's from Kohl's. Yes they are VERY glittery. Love them.
The shoes I wore to the reception were by RSVP and they are a champagne color platform peeptoe with clear "jewels" around the toe. I'll have to come back and insert a picture here later....

My manicure is Essie's "Carry On'' from the fall collection. I just picked this up Friday and I love it. I have a feeling I'll be wearing it a lot this season. It's a very dark burgundy-plum color that almost looks black.

I can't believe October is just around the corner! I personally can't wait.  My favorite month of the year! 

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