OOTD: Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Hey guys! So first up - I didn't actually wear this today. I know, right? But I actually had a tooth pulled today. It was horrible! It didn't hurt but it was just uncomfortable. It was my second to last tooth on the top right side so it was kind of awkward to get to. I had to arch my head all the way back and keep my mouth wide open the whole time. Not fun! Little of a backstory: I had a cavity in this tooth when I was younger and had to have it refilled twice. A few weeks ago I was eating something and felt something strange. I felt with my tongue and half my tooth was gone! It didn't hurt but I went to have it looked at 'cause that's just not normal, ya know? So my dentist gave me 2 options: get it pulled or have a root canal and try to save it. Ummm...my choice was pretty easy. The worst part about today (which I didn't find out till after the surgery) was that they had to break the rest of the tooth before they could take it out. *shudders* So anyway, it's all over now and hopefully it will heal quickly. I don't have any pain, mostly tenderness. But I have to eat soft food till it heals and I can't drink through straws. I love drinking through straws so this is going to hard but I don't want to have any more complications so I must follow doctors orders!
Sorry for the long story....let's just get onto the outfit shall we?
Like I said, I didn't wear this today. If you really wanna know THIS is what I wore today:
Sorry for the myspace mirror pic but I was on painkillers....

Now THIS outfit I wore out to dinner last week. This shirt was kind of tight on me last year and now it's kind of too baggy but I still like it. I got it from Ruche and I love the tie back. You can adjust the tie high, low, loose, tight or just remove it all together. I personally like it, it's something different. As for the shoes, I got them from Kohl's and I love them! They're totally different than anything else I own. I love the colorblocking and the fact that they can go with anything.

Top: Ruche (similar - not really but I love the colors and style)(everyday version - love this!)
Shorts: Old Navy (here) (but these are cuter) (scratch that - these are)
Shoes: Kohl's (here) (love these too) (and these) (cool weather version - I've had my eye on these and now they're on sale!)
Earrings: Forever21 (similar-ish

Well I'm off to bed for some much needed rest. Work in the a.m. 
Oh and I got an email today saying my wedding dress is in and ready to be picked up! I'm definitely jetting over to David's Bridal tomorrow after work to get it - I can't wait! 

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  1. The print on this top is adorable! Quirky & classic at the same time! :) Super cute!

    <3 The Daily Dani