Reviews: Kohl's - LC, apt 9, Chaps

Hey everyone! It's gorgeous day here. The sun is shining (oh how I've missed you!) and the temps actually got above 30 degees! Woo-hoo! And by Thursday it's going to be 60! Do you believe it? I don't. Our first glimpse of Spring. Awesome. Today I had some returns at Kohl's and while I was there I decided to check out some new clothes. I do a lot of my Kohl's shopping online and I don't get to try things on before buying which has lead to many returns. So I took advantage and tried on several things from Lauren Conrad's line as well as Apt 9 & Chaps. This is going to be long post, so let's just get to it shall we?

First up is my outfit of the day.
Shirt: Target here
Jeans: LC for Kohl's here
Shoes: Merona this year's version

I actually liked this more than I thought I would. I love the color. I'm not usually a fan of banded bottoms. I feel that sometimes they make you appear larger than you are. Overall I really liked this. I don't know if I'll actually buy it since there are things closer to the top of my wishlist right now.

I love the back!

Another surprise! I actually loved this and will probably end up getting it once I get a 15% or 20% off coupon (love those!). You definitely need a cami under this! I just realized you can totally see my belly button. oops. I think this looks great with skinny jeans and I love how it's flowy but doesn't make me look pregnant. 

Love! I actually bought this one. It was super comfortable and will be a great layering piece for spring & summer. 

Ugh. Sorry for the horrible photo. Obviously this is NOT a flattering fit on me. I almost instantly bought this when it popped up online because LC made it look so cute. But unfortunately, LC and I are not the same size or even same shape. It is a beautiful shirt though. Excellent quality. If it works for you then get it!

I really wanted to like this. I just don't think cropped jackets work for me. Maybe if it was a couple inches longer. Also, I'm not sure about the color on me. I feel as though it washes me out. It looks gorgeous on LC in the product picture. I think this would work better on blondes. 

I'm sort of on the fence with this one. I love the color and the open weave. I think it'd be a great beach cover-up or something. I'm just not sure if the sleeves hit right on me. I don't know. Something's off but I'm not sure what. I might reconsider it if it goes on super sale.

Same blouse from above in a different color.Still looks bad on me :(

Can I just say OMG I loved this! I almost bought this one too but I'm going to wait. It only comes in this color and gray. I don't need another gray sweater and I'm not sure if I have a lot of things that would go with the blue color. I highly recommend this cardigan!

This is another one I'm glad I didn't but right away. I do like it. I just wish it was a bit longer. I do like how the sequins are more subdued and not all in your face.  

Ordered this online as soon as I got home! I never thought this color would work for me but I was pleasantly surprised. It also comes in gray which they didn't have in the store but looks great online. But like I said, I don't need another gray cardigan. This color looks more spring-y I think and I can see it going with a lot in my closet. 

Sorry but I totally didn't feel like taking off my jeans. I really liked this dress. It comes with a slip which is nice. The sleeves aren't the most flattering on me but once I get my arms into shape I think it would be fine. If not, that's why they made cardigans. Oh and this definitely needs a belt. I love the one LC's wearing. 

I am crazy for anything nautical inspired so obviously I was drawn to this top. I really wanted to love it and take it home with me....but I mean. Just look. It's too short (for me anyway) and it has side pockets that stick out and make me look weird(er). *sigh* The search continues for the perfect nautical top. 

See from the side I look normal! Why, Chaps, why?! Who needs side pockets on a shirt?!

I really liked this one! I would have bought it except they're doing a sale right now Buy One Get One Free. Thing is, this is $36. I mean I love this top and all but not for almost $40. And I didn't like any other colors to get my free shirt. Have to wait for sale or coupon!

Apt 9 Lace Top
I couldn't find this online. This is another one I wanted to like but I just really don't like the feel of lace on my skin. It felt itchy and I couldn't wait to take it off. But if it's not something that bothers you, I highly recommend this top. I guess I'll have to find some other way to try the lace trend. 

This is really cute. I love the flower and I love pink and gray together. Sadly I just don't like to tie my open cardigans so this doesn't work for me. Looks great on the model though! And comes in 2 other colors. 

This is kind of a bad picture. I had to try it one with the lace top (because I forgot to grab a plain shirt to try under cardigans. Fail) and it was a little bulky. I do kind of like this though. The color shows up much lighter online and honestly I wish it was closer to that color than this IRL olive color. I do love olive but I already have a few olive cardigans and was hoping this one would be more of the celery color online. Oh. Well. 

I really liked these! They would definitely need to be hemmed. But I think these would look great with some wedges and a flowy top or a button up. 

Whew! That was a lot of stuff to try on. I'm surprised I tired all that stuff on since I'm not a fan of dressing rooms and trying stuff on. I was reminded of this about halfway through trying on shirts when the static cling started and my hair was all crazy.
I can't wait for more spring styles to arrive. Also, LC has started designing shoes! So far I like what I see. Especially which are going fast!  I'm highly considering buying them but I need to wait for a really big discount coupon. I just can't justify them at this time, but I am getting a little nervous because there's only 3 sizes left! What's a girl to do?!

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  1. lol, I realized it posted this in the wrong post before, I blame my fat fingers . . .
    so I'm reposting it again here -
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for these lovely crop of review. I really like the Floral Ruffle Chiffon Dress on you. I can't wait to try it on. I agree, it def needs a nice belt!