Style Icon: Jessica Simpson

Hey everyone! I'm sitting here watching That 70s Show (seriously, the most under-rated show ever) and seriously thinking about working out. I said I'm thinking about it. Whether or not I actually do it is another story. I have the capability to talk myself out of anything. Which could be good or bad depending on the situation. This time though, I need to go through with it. I have 5 months till my birthday and 8 months until I go to Holden Beach with the fiancĂ©e's fam. I'd like to have already reached my weight loss goal by my birthday (in May) so that I can just work on maintaining my weight until beach week. Like I said before, if I lose about 5lbs a month I should be able to reach my goal. Anyway, this isn't a weight loss post, it's a style post. I have always been a fan of Jessica Simpson's style. Ever since the first episode of Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, I have loved her style. It was always casual and she always looked super comfy in whatever she wore. And I love her shoe & purse line. I have a few of each and hope to add more. I know in the last year or so she's been criticized for her weight (as well as her fashion choices) but I still love her and her style. Even the most stylish person has a fashion faux pas every now and then. We've all had those moments where we thought an outfit looked super dynamite only to later realize the colors totally didn't go together, or your shirt wasn't the most flattering fit. Whatever. No one's perfect right? Here are some of my favorite J.S. looks:

Red Carpet Style:
Jessica seems to mostly choose black for red carpet events. It's always classic, very slimming and I personally think that blondes look great in black. It's a nice contrast to the light hair.

This is one of my favorite looks. I love the feminine details of the dress and with those nude pumps her legs look tan, toned and about 6 feet long!

A nice pop of color!

Casual Style:
I love casual style on celebrities. It makes you realize that their human every now and then. Jessica makes even a football jersey or running shorts look good. And her jeans always fit perfectly. I went out and bought high heeled clogs because of a pic I saw of her.

I actually liked her with dark hair! Although I heard she only did it because she wanted to seem more intellectual or something when dating John Mayor - kind of lame considering what a tool he is. Then again, it's not like she'd be the first girl to change for a guy.

Going out/Dressed up style:

I am loving this outfit on her!

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