Oh. Wow.

Hey guys! Word on the street it we're supposed to get about 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow, so I'm wishing hardcore for a snow day! I'm kind of already in the mindset of NOT going to work, so if I have to go I'll be totally bummed. Since I'm not supposed to be spending money (which honestly isn't going that well. oops. must. stay. away. from. Target.) I've been doing a lot of pretend online shopping. Sometimes it's fun to just look at nice things rather than deal with the buyer's remorse that comes later. I found some really cute things over at Ruche. Here are some of my faves:

omg. So freakin' cute! They also come in black but I really love this color, described as "blue gray". It's a nice transition color for spring.

Oooh. I love this color. And the style seems like it would be very flattering for most people. You could wear it with a cardigan or blazer now, and come spring it would look nice with a pretty skirt.

What a pretty way to punch up a basic gray cardigan! And so cute for spring.

I love this! It's really different and unexpected. And the price isn't bad either. Maybe if I'm good and save up my money this can be my present for losing my first 10lbs.

I need a big tote bag for when we go to the beach this summer and I think this one might fit the bill. It's a good size but it's not your typical beach bag.

That's right. It says "apron". I had to do a double take 'cause I totally thought this was a dress! I would totally rock this in the kitchen, but I'd be so afraid of spilling something on it!

Cutest paper clips ever! Hurry there's only 1 left!!!

And that's just a sampling of all the cute things over at Ruche. I wish I wasn't on a budget or I'd do some major damage. 

Here's hoping for a snow day tomorrow! Fingers & toes crossed!

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