[Outfit of the Night]: Minty Fresh

Hey all! It's a full on blizzard here! Actually no it's not. But it is snowing like a son-of-a-bitch. I think we're expected to get around 4-6 inches once all is said and done. I'm doing nothing but watching movies and drinking hot chocolate in between playing in the snow of course. So for now, here's an outfit from the archives. I wore this last week or something. I can't remember. I wore it out to dinner. I'm wearing 2 of my new favorite purchases. My minty cardigan & black wedges, both from the mecca that is Target. One thing I will never understand is why I always seem to wear skinny jeans out to eat. It's like, I know I'm going to be stuffing my face and whatnot so why not wear leggings or Joey's Thanksgiving pants

Any-way....I really like the way this outfit came together. It wasn't really hard to do but I just think everything worked. I really like the pop of mint against the black. I actually tried 2 different pairs of shoes with this outfit. I think they both look great but I ended up wearing my wedges from Target. They were more comfortable plus who doesn't love wearing something new as soon as they get it?

Cardigan: Target (here) (similar here) (and here) (and here) (and here - vintage and so cute!)
Top: Old Navy (kind of similar here) (and here) (and here)
Jeans: Kohl's (similar here) (and here) (and here)
Wedges: Target (get them here) (similar here) (and here
Maryjanes: Colin Stuart via Victoria's Secret (similar & realllly cute here) (and here) (and here)
Pearl bracelets: Forever21 (here) (similar here) (and here)

Alright. Well I'm off to bed. Work in the a.m. 

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