Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great 2011 so far. I have no complaints. I went shopping at Target this morning and while browsing the shoe section I found these:

And I thought to myself. Hmmm these sure are cute. Perfect for summer. But wait. I think I've seen these before. Somewhere. And then I remembered:

I mean they're identical! I've been flip flopping about whether or not to but the Seychelles ones on ebay (where they're still around $70) but thanks to Target, my decision just got easier. Although I still am undecided though because I also saw these at Target:

I saw these on my future SIL this past weekend and I love them. They can be casual with jeans or dressier with a skirt. I also love the neutral color. They also come in black, purple, brown and a magenta color. These shoes would definitely be more practical than the ones above, but I've never been much for practicality. Decisions, decisions. If I wasn't saving up for a wedding & a house I would have no problem with buying both, but these days I need to think long and hard before I buy things. Boo! If I was to be super responsible I would probably say I can't have either pair of shoes. But in this case, practical might win.

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  1. Such killer shoes! I love look-a-like posts, they are so much fun (to research and read). Really cute blog! Hope you had a great new years :)