Style Icon: Kristen Cavallari

Love her, hate her. Whichever. You have to admit, she's come a loooong way from that bitchy girl that stole Stephen from Lauren on Laguna Beach. OK. Well she hasn't come that far. She became that bitchy girl who stole Justin Bobby from Audrina on The Hills. Anyway. We all know that's fake. And I liked her much better on The Hills than I did on LB for some reason. I think it's because LB was so focused on Lauren and everyone was rooting for the nice girl but let's face it, once she left The Hills someone had to step in and make it more interesting. We can only stomach so much Heidi & Spencer and it's not like Audrina and Lo are interesting enough to carry on a show. Talk about a snooze. Enter Kristen. I never liked her style on LB that much.....a little too slutty. But this time around, she's more mature and everything's a little more put together but it still has that casual spin on it. This time it wasn't so much about showing off her boobs like in LB. This time she seemed to put the focus more on her legs, which by the way look great.

I love when people make casual look cool and comfy. Who doesn't want that? Kristen pulls it off well. Add a scarf or some cool heels and you can go from simple to stylish. When in doubt short shorts & heels always work out.

I almost didn't put this pic up because of the writing but I think it's hilarious, especially if you're not a KC fan!

Going out:
Once again, her dressed up style is more focused on her legs. It's fun and and stylish. Fitted, but not skin tight. Throw on some sky high heels, a clutch (oh and a great blazer) and you're ready to go!
P.S. - I love her make-up here, flawless!

This is one of my favorite looks. I'm not too crazy about the shoes but the dress = love.

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  1. Yay on finding another Kristen fan! She had always been my fave, even way back in the day on LB! I thought she always had really easy-not-too-precious style and I liked her bitchiness!