Better late than never I guess

I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet. At least I don't think I have. If you've heard this before, go ahead and stop me. No? OK. So about a month or so ago......I got a new car! So my last car was an '08 Honda Civic (black, 2 door, sunroof, etc). It was a lease (36 month) and my lease was up this year. Let me back up a bit and let you know that my boyfriend works at a Honda dealership. His brother is a salesman. OH and his dad is the manager. So needless to say I kind of have an "in" over there. It makes me feel kinda cool sometimes. I'm so glad I ended up with the car I wanted and at a great price. I basically got the same car only it's a 2011 and it's a graphite color. I did not want black again. As much as I love a black car when it's shiny and clean, I'm kind of lazy about keeping it that way. This new color hides dirt a little easier. But no bird poop. Grrr. My boyfriend ended up buying out my old civic so I still get to see her :)

I love the speedometer....looks almost like a spaceship or something. 

Oh and it has this nifty little USB port in the center console. You plug in your ipod and the info displays on the radio screen. It's pretty cool. 

So there she is. My new car! I love her and can't wait till warmer weather comes around again so I can actually use the sunroof!

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  1. YAY!! I heart Honda's!! I have this color exactly in a Honda Accord Coupe 2009. Love LOVE LOVE!!