My hair still smells

....like fire. We put a fire pit out last night while passing out candy. I love sitting outside on a chilly night, beer (or cocktail, whichever) in hand and sitting in front of a roaring fire. The only part I hate? I'm still washing the smell out of my hair days later. I washed it today and I can still smell remnants of burning wood in my hair. Eh. I guess there could be worse smells right? Hopefully by tomorrow it will all be out. We didn't have too many trick or treaters - more candy for us! But really we never have that many so we just give each kid like 4 pieces of candy and by the end we're like, "Take whatever you want, seriously!" It was alot of fun and I can't wait to do it again next year. In the meantime here's how our pumpkins turned out:

Spooky huh?

Now I'm just looking forward to stuffing myself with turkey, and stuffing and pumpkin pie :)

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