Wishlist: Anthropologie (updated)

Darn you Anthropologie. Coming out with such cute things. Things that cost money. Whatever happened to trading and bartering? 'Cause I would totally trade my whole pen collection for a cute sweater.

Love the ruffle/bow. I would totally pay full price for this.

Cute top. I would definitely buy this if it went on sale. It's too plain for full price.

I am dying over this top. I love the color. I love the design. The price isn't too bad either.

Ooooh love this! It's a nice twist on the basic asymmetrical cardigan. The price isn't that bad, but I'm still hoping it will go on sale. Soon.

EEk! This is only available in a size 2 online! Which I can totally NOT fit into. I hope I didn't miss my chance on this dress. I had a dream last night that I bought this, so that means it's meant to be right? Right?!?!

What an adorable sweater! It's got little coyotes all over it and stripes on the back. Plus I like the little double layer thing going on. Not too bad on the price, for an Anthro sweater anyway. Definitely keeping an eye on this one.

So I wasn't aware this was currently on the website. I found one of these on ebay the other day for a much lower price. I do love this sweater, but not for almost $100 so I might be making a "buy it now" purchase. 

OMG. I need these NOW. Like right now. Please?
I actually like the black better than the turquoise. I think they would go with more things in my wardrobe and would look cute with different colored tights.

So that's all I have on my list - for now - anyway. Hopefully all of these things will magically go on sale and money will magically be growing on my tree :)
Well I did at least pick this up today, which made me happy since I've been wanting it forever but was not about to pay full price for it.

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