I'll admit I'm a bit of a beauty product junkie. If it's new & improved I'll take it! If it's in sparkly, shiny pretty packaging it's mine. Advertisers have me in mind when they put out a new product. So this is probably how I've accumulated so many lotions, sprays, shadows, mascaras, etc, etc. Last month I started my makeup challenge which means I cannot buy any new makeup until I finish what I have. This may take awhile....maybe  I'll be able to buy new makeup in say, 2015? Obviously there are certain things I have to constantly buy new of - foundation, powder. But I seriously have like 60 shades of brown eye shadow and 30 tubes of mascara. Don't worry, I have gone through and cleaned out expired products or products I'm not sure when I bought but probably are old anyway. My goal is to get through all of my little single, double and trio eye shadow sets and just use my palletes, which I think are better anyway. Currently I have 3 - an elf one, the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland & Coastal Scents 88 shadow one.
This challenge is going to take some time and restraint since I always try to get what's new and great in the world of makeup. Another challenge I'm doing in conjunction with this one is trying to get through all of my lotions/body sprays. This one may be a little easier....or not. I haven't worn alot of lotion over the summer just because it feels so gross on your skin once you step outside. But now that it's cooler and dryer I definitely need to wear lotion everyday. Three of my bottles of lotion are getting to the end, it's only a matter of time before they're gone! Then I'll be closer to my goal which I think will be good in the end. Who needs all that stuff anyway? I mean, it's not like I smell THAT bad naturally. I will continue to buy a regular everyday unscented lotion plus maybe a couple (small) bottles of scented lotion for hands once all of this is over but no more buying 6 bottles of a time because Bath & Body Works is having a sale and I have a coupon for BOGO. Nope. I will only do that if I'm buying a gift for someone. I didn't take a picture of my makeup collection because quite honestly it's very unorganized and kind of all over the place and I'm a little embarrassed to show you just how much there is! But here is a pic of what I have to get through as far as my lotion goes:

It's not really that bad. It could be worse right?
Well before all this "getting rid of crap" thing started, I did place an order with Bath & Body. I got a bunch of stuff for only $10!
These little guys were only $1 each. It's their new scent and it smells really good! Great for the holidays.

They had their pocket bac on sale 5/$5 so I got 3 of the Vampire Blood & 2 Candy Corn. Both are the new Halloween scents and they smell great. The other 2 were on sale: Orange Sapphire and LOL Lime. They smell great as well, very refreshing scents. 

I also got this cute little pocketbac holder. I kind of thought it was dorky at first but I love it. It was like 50 cents or something like that. They had kinds of colors, this one glows in the dark, how cool is that?

Now my beauty ban begins - wish me luck!

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