Seeing Double

So just like everyone else with 2 eyes I am loving this jacket from Anthro. Unfortunately, it's not really in my budget right now. *sad face*
But wait! When I was perusing Kohl's website last night, I stumbled across this for waaaaay less. I know it's not exactly the same - it's missing the cute buttons, but it does come in pretty colors. Also, the Anthro version is wool and the Kohl's one looks to be more of a knit material, so it might not be as warm but I went ahead and ordered the black one anyway. Plus thanks to Chloe I got an extra 30% off! I ended up paying around $35 a cute little Anthro look-alike. 
Although I haven't actually seen or tried on the Anthro version and can't really compare the two, I'll do a review on the Kohl's version once I get it.  

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