My deal(s) of the day

Hey everyone! I just had to tell you about the amazing deals I got yesterday. First I went to Target (of course) and picked up a few things. I didn't really get any super amazing deals there - I mean other than the normal. But then I went over to Old Navy because I hadn't been there in awhile and I always love to check out their sweaters. I am so glad I went! Turns out they were having sweaters on sale for $10!!! I picked up a cardigan and then another cute sweater that I didn't know was even on sale. It was marked $26.50 and I didn't notice the bright sign above (you know the one in all Old Navy stores when you first walk in?) it stating they were on sale too. I also got a couple thermal tees 'cause they were on sale for $6. When I get up to the register to pay the sales associate says my total was $27 and some change. I'm thinking "hmmm that's weird something else must've been on sale" but it's not like I was going to argue when she tells me to pay a lower price right? So anyway I get out to my car, look at the receipt and see that both sweaters were in fact on sale for $10 each and she only charged me for one of the thermal shirts. I saw her scan both of them so I don't know what happened. All I know is I got 2 sweaters and 2 t-shirts for under $30. And that my friends, is pretty awesome in my book.

I love this cardigan. It's navy & brown which some people might not be into but I really like it. It's so soft and comfy too.

They don't have this color combo online but they do have these. Check in store if you really like this color. 

I've been wanting this sweater since it came out online. I love it. It's simple but unique. It is a little snug as you can see but I'm still losing weight and Old Navy's shirts tend to stretch out over time, at least in my experience. This one is still available online but it's going for $20 there so once again, I'd check it out in the store first. But hurry since I think it's only a limited time thing. 

My 2 thermals. Once again they're listed as $8 online so check stores. I also got a pair of Mossimo leggings - I believe they were $6 but check stores. I like the thicker waistband. Similar here. 
I got these cute knee socks for $2. I check weekly for new socks. I love these. I also got this wallet for $2.50.

And these earrings. I'm always needing hoop earrings for some reason. Good thing they're cheap! 

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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