It's almost here!

I'm so excited for Halloween it's not even funny. It's my favorite holiday. I love everything about it. Costumes, Candy, Scary Movies (especially, Halloween). I'm almost sad that it's this weekend because that means on Monday, it'll be another year until we do all this again. But it also means we're closer to Thanksgiving & Christmas, my 2 other favorite holidays. Last weekend we went to Niederman Family Farm to get some pumpkins. And omigosh, I had no idea all of the other things they have going on at the place. It's flippin' huge! They have hay rides, food, pig races and lots of bouncy things for kids to, well bounce on. Unfortunately, we were pressed for time and didn't really get to see/do everything but we plan on going back since they're open every weekend. Today we started carving the pumpkins (nothing like waiting till last minute, eh?). I love carving pumpkins, except for getting pumpkin goo all over my hands 'cause it's really awkward to wash off. I bought 3 pumpkins but I think we're only carving 2. The other pumpkin I bought didn't have a stem (it was in the "reject" section, but honestly other than being stem-less, he's fine) plus I think it's supposed to be a "pie pumpkin" - I really didn't know the difference. I thought they all could be pie. Shows you what I know! Here's one of the pumpkins carved. We're still deciding what to do with the other one.

Can't wait to see it lit up! I'll be sure and post pics of that, as well as the other pumpkin.

Also here's a preview of my costume. I wore this last weekend to a party and I'll be wearing it again tomorrow to pass out candy. 

And here's my matching nails:

I layered OPI "Glitzerland" over 2 coats of OPI "Jade is the New Black". I kind of liked how it turned out and it went pretty well with the costume. For tomorrow though I'm keeping  my OPI "Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous", as long as it doesn't chip. *crosses fingers*


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