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Candles! I love candles. Recently I've become quite obsessed. I love them more in the fall/winter than any other time. There's something about a candle burning that gives me a cozy feeling. I love all the different smells. And I love the glow they create. I'll usually pick up any candle that smells good but my favorite smells are usually some sort of apple, cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin....normally the traditional "fall" scents. I also like some fruity scents & clean, fresh scents. But those are more for spring/summer in my opinion. Currently I'm loving the Glade & Febreeze candles. I'm burning the Glade Apple Cinnamon as we speak (or rather, as I write). Another candle I'm loving is by Candles by Victoria. It's my new candle obsession. I stumbled across them through youtube. I went on the website and WOW! I am so impressed. They have over 600 different scents! I mean, where to begin? Luckily they have descriptions of all scents. Whew! For my first official purchase I bought the "Spiced Pumpkin Chutney" It just looked so cool and sounded delicious. And I was right. It smells so good. It's almost gone though because I've been burning it so much! I just placed another order tonight for some different - but still fall like - scents. Can't wait! Also with every order you get a free Scent Shot in a random scent. The one I got with my first candle was Maple Nut Sticky Bun. I was concerned because usually anything maple scented just turns my stomach. I can't stand it. But this actually smells really good. I can't wait to try it out. I went ahead and ordered the warmer tonight along with 2 more scent shots (Baked Apple Strudel & Vanilla After Dark). You can also use the warmers with your candles so it's more bang for your buck. I also got a mini candle in Crackling Birch. I can't wait to get my order! I will definitely write up a review of the scents once I get them because I know I'll try them all out at once :)
Here's a couple pictures of my pumpkin candle. I almost didn't want to burn it because it looked soooo pretty.

The best part about these is that the prices are very reasonable. The candle I got was only $13 and you can see how big it is. The Scent Shots are only $1.95 and my mini candle was $5. I think compared to other major candle brands - ahem - that Victoria wins hands down! I will definitely be buying all my candles there from now on! 

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