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Ah well I can officially say it is fall. It took long enough to get here, but it's here finally! I've been able to (comfortably) wear jeans and long sleeves and shoes! Not flip flops....shoes! I actually broke these out the other night. And today I went ahead and transferred some things from my space bags into my closet. I didn't bring out the real heavy sweaters, just the long sleeved shirts and more of my jeans. Away went my tanks and shorts. I kept a couple out just in case. In Ohio it can be chilly and rainy one day and hot and humid the next. Even a couple weeks ago it was like 50 degrees early in the morning, but the high of the day was 90 or something crazy like that! So anyway, Monday was very chilly and rainy which is the weather I love! I know I'm crazy. But I was finally able to get my Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks!
I went to Target (duh) and got a bunch of stuff. Only a few items were actually clothes. The rest was just boring toiletry stuff but I included it anyway :)

I really wanted to try this Listerine mouthwash and so far it's great, although I have trouble with it because it burns so much! The whitening strips are going well too. I've used them for 2 days and so far no complaints. They dissolve in your mouth (which is kinda weird) in about 10-15 minutes so I usually put them on before reading blogs and the times flies.

This Suave shampoo/conditioner combo is on sale for $3 at Target right now so go get yours! I've tried the Rosemary & Mint version already but not this one. Smells good though!

As you can see I've already used this. I love fall but the sudden change drives my sinuses crazy!

I tried this moisturizer in a sample ripped out of a magazine (with a coupon attached!) a few weeks ago and instantly loved it. It goes on really smooth, not sticky at all. It moisturizes well and doesn't make my skin look or feel greasy. And at $7 (with $2 off if you have the magazine coupon!) it's a steal!

This cute little candle was only $5 in the Halloween section. They also have a bigger one for $10. I love anything and everything having to do with Halloween so I love this right away: When you light it, green wax comes out of the eyes! How cool is that? They also have other colors (black, purple, green) and each one has a different colored eye wax. 

This time of year I tend to become obsessed with burning candles and things that smell "cozy". Apple cinnamon is one of my faves and I also picked up this Glade candle in Cashmere Woods which smells amazing. I just hope it smells the same once lit.

I also picked up this Herbal Essences spray gel. It works pretty well, it's not really sticky and doesn't leave my hair feeling stiff. Although I've only used it twice and the next day my hair felt really really greasy, so I'm not sure if it was from the gel or something else.

I was burning this candle all day. Once again, apple cinnamon!


I decided to try these Skull Candy earphones since I've heard good things about them and they were only $10. I've broken my last two pairs, they weren't this brand, so hopefully I wont break these!

I bought these sunnies from Kohl's and they're by Lauren Conrad. I love them. They're tortoise with gold detailing around the outer rim and they have the cutest little white blow design on the inside of the right ear hinge. And they were only $21! Get them here

I think this is just the cutest shirt. It has little flowers all over it. And it's not something I would normally be drawn too but I really liked the simplicity of it and I thought it'd be cute with a v-neck sweater over it as well. It still shows up online for $17 but I got mine in the store for $12 and when I was there the other day they were down to $8! So I'd try the store first and here second.

I swear this shirt looks much cuter in person. I really wanted the olive green color because I felt it gave more of a military look but they didn't have my size, so white it was! And actually I was kind of in between sizes on this one. The medium was a little too snug and the large was more loose. I went with the large because I actually liked the looser fit. I think it'll look great with skinny jeans and boots. Get it here

This is actually an Anthropologie cardigan scored from ebay! I'm not sure why but when this popped up on their website I was instantly in love. I missed out on it come sale time because I had a case of indecisiveness and just never went for it. A few weeks later when it popped up on ebay I still didn't jump right away because I was also looking at another cardigan but this one won me over because I loved the colors so much, it just screams fall to me. I think I got it for $50 or something like that, I can't remember. I got a large because I wanted a loser fit and it kind of looks better buttoned IMO.  

As you'll be able to see from my next 3 shirts, I  really have a thing for plaid. I'm not sure if it's from going to a private Catholic school all my life or what but whenever I see plaid I fall in love. This one is from American Eagle. It's really soft and comfy, but wrinkles easily, but that's not a huge deal for me since this is such a casual shirt. They have many other cute colors to choose from here and I might go and get another one. 

This next one is from Target and it's a steal compared to the AE one (it's only $15!) and I have to say as much as I like the previous one, I really do like this one more. It's thicker which is good for cooler days and it's super crazy soft and look at the color combo! I also got a black & white one which I sear I took a pic of but there's no trace of it anywhere. hmm. go get it!

This cute tunic is from Kohl's and I've been on the hunt for a plaid tunic blouse since last year and have finally found one! I really love the color combo and it fits great. My only complaint is that sometimes it rides up in the back but I have a JLo, KimK booty so it's not the shirts fault really. And get this, it's less than $20!

Ok I have to admit that I've been trying to complete my boot collection. After purchasing these I am one steo closer to my goal. I already have brown high heel boots and black flat boots. So naturally I needed black high heeled boots and brown flat boots. Boots are hard for me because I have giant man calves. No joke. I had bought a really cute pair at Kohl's a few weeks ago. They were grey suede with a wedge heel and a ruffle going up the side. UGH! so cute I could die. But sadly, back to the store they went because even though I could pull the zipper all the way up (with a pair of pliers and some bacon grease) I felt if I even moved an inch the zipper would pop open and hit someone in the eye. Luckily I found these Madden Girl boots on Zappos. They're perfect and under $60. Awesome. Now to complete my collection, I've got my eye on these.

Last thing I bought recently was another ebay find. I began the search for this perfume after seeing lollipop26 rave about it. I got mine for about $25 but just check ebay and I'm sure you'll find a good deal. The scent is perfect. It smells a little older than what I normally wear but I think it's perfect for the cooler months. Maybe not an everyday scent but great for a date or special occasion. 

Well that's all I have for you right now. I happily spent the cloudy/rainy day watching:

And reading:

Hope you all have a great week! It's ALmost half way over!

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