Nails of the Day

I was feeling flashy today - it IS Friday and all (yipee!). So I wanted something with sparkle and glitter. I love glitter polish but don't wear all that often since it's a chore to take off. And I'm sure I'll be kicking myself while trying to scrub my nails with a bottle of polish remover when I decide to take this off buuuut for now it looks pretty and I'm happy with it.

This pic was actually a mistake but the blurriness does show off the glitter a little better.

These polishes are a year or two old. I don't even know if you can still get them anywhere and I'm surprised they weren't all nasty and clumpy. The black might be on it's last leg, but the glitter is still going strong.

City Lights
Black Magic

Happy Friday everyone! I do have to work this weekend but it's not going to be that bad. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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