OOTD: Starburst

Ok so I'm trying to get better at posting outfits of the day. See the thing is I'm usually just a jeans/shorts & tshirt kind of girl. And my work uniform consists of a polo & shorts. Nothing to exciting there. However my closet if packed full of cute tops and shoes but I always just seem to reach for the most convienent and comfortable things. ugh. It's hard being me. Lately though I've been trying to put more thought & effort into the things I wear. I mean I paid money for these clothes why just let them sit in the closet only to eventually give them away. Plus I've been trying to lose some weight and get in shape so I can feel comfortable wearing different things and not just always resort to a sorta baggy tshirt. Anyway enough about me, let's get to the clothes! Oh and if you're wondering about the name of todays post: is it just me or does this shirt remind you of Starburst candy? OK, maybe it is JUST me.

Actually, now that I'm looking at these pictures, I think I like the shirt tucked in better than untucked. I'm not much of a tucker - after going to Catholic school for 12 years and ALWAYS having to have your shirt tucked in, you tend to go wild and wear your shirts untucked the first chance you get.

Plaid Camp Shirt - American Eagle $34.50. Looks like thier website is down right now but I did a Google search for "plaid camp shirt" and it was the first thing that popped up, and it looks like it's on sale for $24.95 now. So once the site is back up go get it!
Shorts - American Eagle - last year. Kind of similiar here (on sale!)
Belt - American Eagle - last year. Any basic brown belt will do. I know AE always has some, as well as Abercrombie, Target, etc.
Flip Flops - Amercian Eagle. Once again, the places listed above always have basic brown leather-ish sandals.

Oh cow, I just realized I'm wearing head to toe AE. Hmmmm I wonder where my favorite place is to shop.....haha.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! I'm enjoying my day off. Although it looks like I'll be staying inside most of the day seeing as how it's another hot and humid day here in southwest Ohio. I have living in a valley sometimes :(

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