2 for me, 1 for you

Happy Friday everyone! I am happy to say that I'm off today (sidenote: it's also payday!) and tomorrow! It was a rainy day here so naturally I went shopping :)
Went  to Target - for the second time this week....
A girl I work with has a daughter who is preggers so I bought a baby blanket for the little one. I'm not sure of the sex of the baby so I went with something green which can be unisex. But really isn't every color unisex these days? I mean 13 year old boys are walking around in pink polos and girls are wearing blue oxfords....just sayin'

I also couldn't help but get a couple things for myself. I also bought a new bra but didn't really feel the need to publish my underwear all over the internet. I picked up a grade school fave: Bonnebell lip smacker in Cotton Candy.
Also found this cute little purse for $24.99. I think it looks/feels alot more expensive - in person anyway, it might not come through in this picture.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! What are your plans??

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