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Hello everyone and happy Monday to you all! I know most of you are working today, however I (usually) have Mondays off. Please don't hate - I do have to work next Monday. The weather here is beautiful today. A cool front moved through yesterday and as a result it is 75 and sunny here today! 
Last night the bf and I went to go hit golf balls at the driving range and boy-oh-boy am I sore today. I haven't picked up a club since 2008 but surprisingly I hit the ball pretty well. And I only whiffed once! YAY! But when I woke up this morning my back was killing me. Those damn swinging muscles. Everytime I get up I feel like I'm 90...getting old sucks.
Anyway I did a little bit of shopping over the last week. Some in stores and some online.
I have more items to add to this post but they are currently in the laundry because I've either worn them or just bought them and needed to wash them before wearing them - anyone else have to do that? 
Enough of that, let's get on to the fun stuff....

First up NOTD - using my new polish!

China Glaze - Grape Juice via ebay

Essie - Turquoise & Caicos

*sidenote: With the exception of a few here and there I mostly buy my nail polish on ebay (at least brands such as OPI, essie, china glaze) You can usually find it a few dollars cheaper and you can locate some hard to find shads. check it out!

Double Torsade Necklace via Anthropolgie (online)
LOVE love LOVE this. Can't wait to wear it to a rehearsal dinner in a couple weeks.

Molded & Melded Tee via Anthropologie (online)
Another great buy. I'm slowly building my Anthro wardrobe. This shirt is so pretty but in a casual, subtle way. I can wear it with skirts and shorts now and jeans and a cardi in the fall.

Anthropologie - Deletta Rare Bloom top via ebay
So happy I finally pulled the trigger on this. I'd been watching (stalking) it for a few weeks and I'm surprised no one scooped it up. Sure glad I was the one that did! I scored it for $54 + shipping. Not sure what it retailed for but seemed like a good deal to me.

Eugenia Kim for Target fedora - $16.99
I don't know how many times I'll actually wear this but it just looks so cute.

Glade - on sale for like $1 or $2 maybe. Smells pretty good though.
St. Ives Apricot Scrub - on sale for $2.99 love this. I've been using it everyday since my monthly Proactiv hasn't come yet. Seriously, they already got my money, where's my stuff!?!?
Olay daily facials - $5.14 (something weird like that) great for taking off my makeup before washing my face.

Liberty of London for Target picture frame - $6ish on sale. I already bought one and went back and got this this. If they still have some next week I might get the other 2 prints.

Miss Trish of Capri for Target sandals - $24.99
I bought a pair of these last year and love them. I almost bought the black pair but I thought the white was so summery and I mean look at that cute little seahorse!

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