Decisions, decisions

Oh dear. I'm having trouble deciding what I should order next from Anthro. I'm only going to try and get 2 things at a time. But do I get the 2 belts? Or 2 shirts? Or a belt and a shirt? Ugh. I hate this. I need to win the lotto or something. Help me out. Please? I'm trying to think long-term when buying these things - like how much wear I'll get out of them and what I can wear them with.

Looping Lanes belt $44

Snakebite Belt $32

Sunday Supper Shirt $68

Ambling Twists Tank $48

Or should I just go for it and get one of these?

Two-Wheeler Shirtdress $128

Wild & Wondrous Cardigan $118

I wont get as much wear out of these 2 that I would the previous items but that dress is so cute and I am in LOVE with the cardigan! 
Oh. What to do. What to do.

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