Target, Ulta & Old Navy Haul

The other day I went on a bit of a shopping spree. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I just had 2 days off with nothing to do and money burning a hole in my pocket. So I went to 3 of my favorite stores - 1. Target, 2. Ulta & 3. Old Navy. I found some really cute things and some great deals - as usual! Enjoy!

First up I got a few things from Ulta. I finally bought some NYX cosmetics. I've heard about them and heard youtube gurus rave about them for months and I never realized they sold the stuff at Ulta so I was more then pleased when I wondered over to the drugstore side and found a display of some eyeshadows, then I turn around and there's a whole section of everything! Liners, gloss, you name it they had it! I only got a couple things just to try out and I think I'll be going back tomorrow for some more. The products are great and the price is just as nice (ew did I just rhyme? I'm a poet and didn't know it!....oh I'm awesome)

This was my first attempt at using this haircolor. It was on sale at Ulta for $8.99 and I had a 20% off coupon. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Like I said it was my first time using the comb in technique so maybe I just need to try it a few more times to become a pro. I just felt it was very messy. It got everywhere! 
Proof - my bathroom sink:

my arm:

In the end the color ended up looking nice and I do like the comb - it's easier for me to get my roots. Yes I'm 26 and have gray hair. It used to be in the underneath layers of my hair but now my friends, it's making appearances in my part :( It was bound to happen. I started seeing a few strays on high school and both my mom and grandmother were fully gray by my age - so it could be worse.

I really like this. I've been wanting to try it for awhile and I was very impressed. It goes on easily, good coverage and stays on all day. Even today when I was running around waiting on customers and going from inside to hot-sticky-sweaty outside it stayed on. I had a little bit of shine but that was mostly sweat (gross I know). I actually picked a good color for once too - I hate switching makeup brands, I never know which color to get and I always go too light/too dark. I could probably stand one shade darker since I've been tanning but I'll finish this one out before I do.

OMG - LOVE THIS! I saw it on Dulce Candy's youtube once and have wanted to try it. I've been using Urban Decay Primer Potion but at almost $20 a tube it can get expensive. It does last a long time and is worth the money but I'm trying to save money. I can't remember how much this was, definitely under $10. This stuff is great. It comes in 3 different finishes: white (for more vivid color), pearl (for a more pearlized effect) and skin tone (the one I bought). I've been using this for a few days and it works just as well as the UDPP. I had it on from 7am - 9pm and everything was still in place and not in my crease!

Next I got the jumbo eyeshadow pencil in "french fries" - who doesn't love french fries right? This is a nice bronze-y brown color, very creamy and easy to blend.
Then I got 2 single eyeshadows. I wanted to snag these because they were each the last ones in stock and I really liked the colors. The lighter one is "champagne". It's just a metallic beige color. Perfect for just swiping over your lids for a no fuss look but it's very pigmented. The dark shade is called "smokie mountain". It's a very dark brown, almost black shade with gold shimmer and kind of a metallic green undertone. Would make a very pretty and edgy smoky eye.

Now onto the stuff from Target:

Ok so I do enjoy myself a High Life every now and then and I do think that I am living the High Life (are you?) so when I saw this for $5 at target I just knew I had to have it. Enough said.

I think that Liberty of London was the best Target collaboration so far and I'm sad that I'm seeing it on sale because I know that means it will be gone soon. But that also means I can get everything I wanted to get before! Score! I don't really need this frame right now but I've always had a thing for picture frames. I'll probably go back and get the other colors before they're gone too.

Another LOL sale item. Just your basic notecards. I'm always writing lists of things I need, things to do, etc. These are perfect for doing just that :)

Well this is the second best collaboration at Target. I've actually had these for a few weeks - so comfy! I got a 7 1/2 and they actually seem a little big. Could I need a 7? I bought the 8 in the wedges and they feel huge on me but are still ok to walk in. Are my feet shrinking or does this collection just run big? Anyone else have an opinion on this?

This is actually a beach cover-up. It's really cute. The top is cut lower than I expected but just for something to throw on over a swimsuit I'm not gonna complain. It looks very resort-ish. And I believe it was $20 plus I had 20% any Merona item.

Mossimo bf tee. These are awesome! I bought a gray one and black one the other day. I had to go back for these 2 fun summer colors. Plus they're only $8. Actually when I got the black & gray they were only $6 a piece. 

I saw this on a rack and was instantly attracted. The printed part is actually semi-sheer which is perfect for hot days!

And because I can't have enough gum!

Old Navy:

Love their socks. Super comfy and they were on sale 2/$10

I needed a gift bag for my cousin's graduation present(s) and I thought this was cute and the size was perfect.

Like I needed ANother lanyard. ugh. oh well it was neon yellow (or is it green?) and I like that. And I needed a new air freshener is my car, it was startin' to smell funky.

I love ON's shorts. I've wanted the white ones for awhile. I wish they'd had other fun colors. I got the 5" inseam. Perfect length for me - not too hoochie but not long enough that my mom will want to steal them.

I'm not necessarily a Laker's fan. Hell I hate basketball. But I do like purple and yellow (gold?) together and it was only $6. I can use it to run in if nothing else.

Love her. Love this shirt. $6???? SOLD!

Also while I was at Target I stocked up on magazines and I've received my usual monthly subs as well. Lots of reading in my future!


Whew! That was a looooong post. I hope y'all are still awake. I know I've had a long day so I'm gonna curl up on the couch with one of my magazines and enjoy the rest of my night.

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