OOTD - Just playing around. Vet's office, LC for Kohl's fitting room reviews

So we had to take boy's dog Cooper to the vet this morning. At 8 am. And for some reason the vet they use is a good half hour away from his house. I don't know why but whatever. So I've been up since 7 on my day off. Abs is not a very happy camper right now. Whatev - a little cat nap and I'll be somewhat decent. Once again this outfit is from yesterday. I wasn't about to get up even earlier today and do the whole hair/makeup/look-like-a-human-being-and-not-a-flesh-eating-zombie-thing. After the vet's boy went home with Cooper and tried to take a nap before he had to go to work. I went shopping. Oh the differences between man & women. I had to return a few things to Kohl's and went ahead and checked out a few things while I was there. They finally got the LC Lauren Conrad collection in the store! It might have been there for awhile. I don't go there to often since I have better luck shopping from their website than the actual store but that's another story.
First up the outfit of the day:

Cardigan: AE... last year maybe - similar (here) and (here
Cami (underneath): Target...old. Really any white tank top would do. I'm sure you smarties could find one for yourself but because I'm a softie here ya go: (here) and (here)
Jeans: AE...2 years ago - similar (here) although the jeans I'm wearing aren't actually white, just a verrry light bleach denim - same idea though.
Shoes: Target - super old. Kind of the same (here). Not as colorful but still cute (here). Pretty close but different color (here)

Okay. You caught me. I didn't actually wear this yesterday. I really didn't do a whole lot of anything yesterday. It was the first day off in awhile where I haven't had any plans or anything going on. So I woke up late, went tanning, ran a few errands and came home in the AC in watched movies all day. Productive I know. I did manage to do some laundry though. That's gotta count for something right? Right??

Here's what I actually truthfully wore yesterday:

Classy I know. Just be glad you can't see my hair in this pic. I actually made myself up for the other ones because I went to see the bf last night and even after 8 years together I still like to look good for him. You know a shower a little face spackle, some deodorant maybe?

If you really want to know for the outfit above:
tshirt: Target on sale for $8! (here)
shorts: Aerie last year. Similar (here)
flip flops: Old Navy (here)

Now on to the LC reviews. I have to say that for the most part I've been pleased with the selection of styles for this collection. The clothes are stylish and cute, seem to be made well and the prices are reasonable. But still things are hit or miss for me. The sizing is kind of weird. Some things are supposed to be loose fitting and others are fitted so it really does help to try things on and see what works and what doesn't. If I had known sooner that the clothes were sold in my store I would've gotten them there instead of online. Well now I know at least. 
*I would like to apologize ahead of time for my crazy hair with the ugly bright blue elastic headband and for my chunky arms/legs etc. At least I put make-up on okay?! I mean did you forget that I've been up since 7!

I really liked the look of this online and on LC herself. On me though. um...no. The cropped look doesn't always work for me and the shoulder detailing made me look a little like a linebacker. I picked up a large and could barely zip it up. That's what I mean about the sizing - everything else I've bought has been a medium. It's a pass for me. It might have looked better if I was wearing some different under it. Jeans would work better but it still wasn't enough for me to buy it.

Bow Tee $16.99
I actually did like this shirt. I just felt even $16 was too much to spend for a thin t-shirt with a bow on the front. The fit was good (I tried a Medium) the sleeves were pretty open which would be nice on hot summer days. Overall a nice basic tee that I think could work casual and more dressed up with some skinny jeans and  a blazer. But I still feel like it's something that should cost $8 from Forever 21.

I was really excited to see this in the store. I've been looking at it online now for awhile but just wasn't sure. Of course it's sold out in my size now but XS & Large are still available in Gray. I actually tried on an XS because that was the only size they had and I figured I'd at least try. It didn't fit that bad really. A little tight in the stomach and the shoulders looked off but other than that I think this is a really cute shirt. It't kind of a silky material but feels very light and airy. Definitely a GO.

Another good find. I tried on both colors: Whisper White (white - like duh) & Peacoat (navy). I tried a Medium which fit pretty well. I think my shorts kind of made it fit weird. The back is racerback and the bottom hem is kind of u-shaped which would take getting used to, at least for me. I really like the design and the fit. I like the navy better. I feel the white just washed me out but maybe once I get a tan....Once again though I feel the price just doesn't fit. The material is very thin and I almost bought this but figured I'd save my money for something else like bills or a few things at Anthropologie I've been pining after. 

Maxi Dress - no longer available online and limited in store (at mine at least) $41.99
Ugh. I really hate to post these pictures but I feel the need to let everyone know. I felt like a fat pregnant moomoo wearing trailer park wife. Don't get me wrong I love this dress and I really wished it would work for me but alas it did not. First off I tried on a size too small. The only sizes available were 6 & 12 so I went with the 6. I couldn't zip up the side all the way so I guess that should account for something. The other problem? Um it was too short. I always have the problem of hems dragging the floor. I'm only 5'3" so it happens. This dress however had a good 2 inches between the hem and floor. Which I guess is good since you don't to get it all dirty and scuffed up but it just felt awkward to me. I hope someone else has better luck with this dress. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for my size to come in, although it doesn't look hopeful :( There is always ebay though.....

Well that's pretty much it for today. I'm trying to enjoy this lovely day off despite the fact that it's only 2pm and I've already done a ton of stuff. I see a nap in my near future. I purchased a few things at Target, Ulta & Old Navy yesterday that I will be reviewing and such either today or tomorrow. Right now though I'm going to continue to watch Seven - love this movie. It's a bit disturbing but really good. The ending is the best.
Love you guys!

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