Recent Purchases - Vol. 1

So I have a few (mostly alot) things that I have bought over the last couple weeks. I'll be separating them into different groups otherwise this post would be suuuuper long and kinda boring. So first I'll start with shoes. 

This pair I got from kohl's
They are Chaps and I can't remember how much they were, I want to say they were $34.99 or something like that. I think I also got 15% off. A really great deal for these shoes. They are perfect for spring and very comfortable. I will be wearing these alot in the next few months.
I also got these from Kohl's. These were around $55 with 15% off. I bought these solely for running. I've only worn them once and they were ok, I think they just need to be broken in.

These last pair were an ebay find. They are Chinese Laundry and they were $79.95 plus free shipping. I just had to have these. I saw them in a magzine and knew they had to be mine! Not the most practical shoes but whatever, they're unique and fun.

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